The Benders didn’t have to walk far. The hallway was probably about 100 feet long and had three 20 × 20 cells on the north wall. In the middle cell was a goblin.

“I thought you forgot about me,” he said. “Who’s got the key?”

Mark asks “who are you and why did they lock you up?” I want to give this slimy toad a good look over to make sure he has no weapons.

“Splug’s the name and they locked me up on mere suspicion, I tell ya. Some rumor floating about that I was helping humans. Can you imagine that? No offense, you know, but still, can you imagine that?”

CB steps forward with a sneer on her face. “You are a goblin, so it is obvious you are a lying pig. You are a coniving, stealing cheat who robbed his buddies and ended up here.” She pauses to stare at him a bit, then continues “Tell us what you know of this complex and the Necromancer who runs it, and we may let you go….otherwise, you will rot in here while we kill everyone else and take what pathetic treasure we can find” [deliberately provoking a tough stance, diplomacy plus 8, sense motive plus 4, gather info plus 9, use an action point to assist the rolls]

“Lying pig? This is how you greet people? Look, I can show you around this place but not from in here obviously. Let me out and I’ll guide you around. I’ll even waive the usual fee considering the “rot in here” option."

Leaving the rest of the party to decide the prisoner’s fate, Ice grinned a bit at the prospect of leaving the goblin to rot in the cell. He then put on his most off putting scowl as he drew his sword from its sheath. Taking out a set of old rags, Ice began to clean and oil the blade while making sure his gaze was directed at the goblin’s general direction.

JohnM wasn’t much in the mood for bandying words. “Frankly, no I can’t believe you’d help humans. We’ve not exactly had friendly responses from goblinkin around here. But maybe if you told us the circumstances surrounding these ‘accusations of helpfulness’, we might be disposed to let you out of the box, under guard of course. Usefulness would be rewarded with eventual release, but betrayal would separate your head from your neck.” With that, he reached a hand over and grabbed Ice on the shoulder. Never taking his eyes off the goblin, he summoned power from the stones and elements around him. Ice caught on to what was happening but instead of the ice water bath he was expecting, he felt like he’d touched a door knob after walking across thick carpet. The jolt arced visibly (but painlessly) from wound to wound, leaving pale unmarked skin behind in many places (+12 hp).

“Yes, of course,” Splug said. “See, I was captured by a group of truly unsavory humans, who threatened to kill me if I didn’t lead them back to here. So I did and they were killed by the guards and fed to the rats. This hardly seems like helping humans but T said I should have let them kill me rather than lead them here. I think I’ll postpone death as long as possible, thankyouverymuch.”

Splug’s mentioning of another group of humans piqued Ice’s interest. “Wow, really now? You mean my erstwhile friends down in the pit forced you to lead them here, only to be killed by the guards? They must have been really inept, or some kind of treachery was involved…” The knight finished wiping off his sword and sheathed it before turning his full attention to the imprisoned goblin. “And what, do pray tell, were they after in the first place? I find it quite unusual for a place such as this to simply be sought out by some random bunch of ne’er-do-wells.” Ice’s eyes narrowed before he posed his next question: “How did you get ‘captured’ anyways?” Ice then cast a side glance to CB, hoping the psion would be able to pick out any inconsistencies in Splug’s response if there were any.

“Ventured to close to North Road,” Splug answered. “Wanted to see who was travelling that day when I should have stayed where I belong.”

MARK asks “and where did you belong?”

“Here,” Splug answered. “At least I did until I became an outcast.”

“Chief?” Ice asked Splug. “Was your chief, um, partial to a mask and tight-fitting leathers? And I believe you haven’t answered my question about the previous band of adventurers’ ‘business’ around here.”


hrm… maybe this is a job for CB?


CB will gather the Benders together and let them know what she thinks – that the goblin will say whatever it takes to get out of his cage, but he does seem genuine about wanting to be a tour guide. She suggests we use him, but we ought to be sure that he is the first to die if something goes wrong – and make sure he knows it.


I just want to know how a goblin became so articulate. Those are the best sentences I’ve ever seen from a goblin. Sounds a little too human. Like he’s having words put into his mouth…hmmmm.


who are we waiting for? I’ll poke ‘em! Let’s get this how on the road!


Not me (again – Yay!). Need to know what you guys are going to do with the goblin.


I suggest we let him out, bind his hands, and make it clear to him that we’re only letting him out because he might be useful. Once he does anything to make us suspect he’s a spy, we’ll slice his throat. But, if he proves himself useful, we’ll (reluctantly) let him go unharmed.


Interesting story… makes me want to head back to that rat infested pit to see if there’s any treasure down there…

I will continue to scowl wordlessly at the goblin, with goblin blood still dripping off my machete. Not that he can tall I’m scowling, since my head is invisible…


CB agrees with Bex’s plan. Proceed to let him out, bind him and put a leash on him, perhaps? CB has a strength of 11; does she think that is strong enough to hold the leash? I would rather not tie up a fighter type for this duty. Plus she can keep a close eye on him.


Hmmm, Splug seems to have dodged my question about the adventurers…


“I agree, Lead on splug, just be wary of the multitude of swords…and fists pointed in your direction.” Just out of curiousity, can we tell how “healthy” Splug is at this point. Be nice if there is any treachery, he can be put down with a punch to the face.


Splug steps out of the cell and yells, “Freeeeeeeeedom!”

“Have you met the chief or seen the excavation site?” Splug asks.

;;; Splug looks similar to the goblins just defeated in the torture room except Splug doesn’t look to be injured.


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