Northeast Room

Found Her

The northeast room was different and it was obvious that this was Irontooth’s room. The first thing that the Benders noticed was the red-headed wood elf trying to pick the lock on some shackles. She was holding a dagger in her teeth and trying to work the lock but seemed completely frustrated. The shackles were connected to a chain that was mounted to the wall.

The room was also different because it had a bed instead of branches. Branches were for heathen kobolds, not sophisticated goblins (Dammit Bapuh! Where’s the mint on my pillow? Inbred mooncalf!).

The chain holding Leisha to the wall just happened to be long enough so that she could lay on the bed if she wished (or if she was forced). Leisha looked like she had taken a beating. She had bruises on her arms and forehead, her hair was a mess, and she was missing a boot. She looked up as the Benders entered the room, dropped the knife from her mouth, and smiled.

“I thought it might be you,” she said.

“What gave us away?” said Bex, returning her smile, “the explosions, or the chaos?”

Also in the room, placed teasingly close to where Leisha could reach with her feet were her bow and her quivers. One of the quivers obviously now had less arrows in it than the other. She hadn’t gone down without a fight. Her sword and backpack were farther away, leaning up against a small iron-bound chest.

“Well, you didn’t think we’d let you have all the fun, did you,” JohnM said (although given the way they looked, maybe that wasn’t the brightest of their ideas). “Sorry we weren’t able to save any for you but I bet one of these keys we found will make you a free woman again. And it seems even more likely that the other of the pair will let us into that coffer that’s holding up your stuff. Can you walk? Do you need healing? We’re about tapped out but we can help some if you need it.”

“I think I’m doing as well as you,” she said, making it sound like you guys looked like shit and she could manage to go without any special treatment for the moment.

With that they tried the keys on the chains and found that one did indeed fit. After helping Leisha to her feet, JohnM had another thought. “They had mages and/or priests. I wonder if they would have taken the time to cast a trap spell on the chest. I don’t guess we have any way of finding out. But just so we don’t have to carry another comatose body out of here, who among us looks the least hurt? JohnE, would you mind check this key in that lock?”

JohnE wasn’t exactly thrilled at being volunteered to be blown to bits or whatever trap a goblin might leave on a chest but he also knew that being the tank in the party was going to get him volunteered to be the bait and the chest opener and whatever else needed to be done that was dangerous. He put the key in the lock, closed his eyes, ducked as low as he could, and turned the key. There was a click and nothing else.

Without getting up from his crouch, he swung the lid open so that only his arm would get blown off when the trap went off but nothing happened. He peered over the edge and saw a plethora of items, one of which was a tad surprising.

Everything was laying on a bed of gold coins (420 would be the final tally when there was time to count them – “It’s good to be king”). The surprising one was a nylon duty belt with a Glock 17, a couple of extra mags, a flashlight, a taser, and a set of handcuffs. There was also a bullet proof vest that looked so badly damaged by sword cuts that it was probably useless at this point. There was also a ring and an amulet.

On a lark, JohnM decided to search the bed as well. You never know with those goblins. (As if he knew anything about goblins.) “I think we should check this place out from top to bottom. They may have hidden other things or information outside the chest.”

In one of the tree limb beds, the Benders found 5 more silver pieces that one of the kobolds must have been keeping for a rainy day or to purchase the services of a kobold hooker.

While everybody else is looting, Bex is keeping an eye on the hallway, hand on his glock. He’s not sure if anything else was in the lair, and didn’t want to be surprised. “Leisha, I don’t know if you had a chance to count… after killing 9 kobolds at the dig site, we took out 19 kobolds and one Goblin in this here lair. In this lair there were 3 dragonshields, one priest, and two fairly tough spear wielders. The rest were just fodder. Does that sound like all of them?”

“Yes it does,” she said, seeming to be surprised by the large numbers Bex reported.

“Well, the contents of the chest pretty well cinch it. Either those guys lied to us back at the military base about no one having gone through (we’d all be shocked I know), or someone else from there tried to use the Bender to escape after things went to hell. Probably during the gunfire and explosions before we got out. Only they didn’t fare so well against the kobolds when they landed here. Let’s take everything and get out of here. It’s a long walk back to the Keep carrying two stretchers.”

“Lets just make sure our “friend” here is kept nice and “comfortable”, Mark says. On the way out of the area he also polices the brass from any guns that have been fired, he thinks they might be handy at some point if he can spend some time with his dwarven and mage friends.

;;; PPD – 7/27 @ 1530 hours


Way back when, Lynnette searched the body of the first dead SEAL we encountered and found his cell phone. (Yes I did just spend time reading through old posts for the hell of it.) Does she still have it? What kind of phone is it? Standard model crap or something like an iPhone or crackberry?

Northeast Room


Northeast Room

!! On the way back to the keep, I want to see if she’ll let me have it. I know the batteries won’t last long, but if we could solve that problem, I could use it as a spellbook. I’m sure Bex is thinking along the same lines for his iPod. And there is a first level mage spell called Power Device. Just not that useful at first level.

Northeast Room

I’d be open for any items that can fall my way, like say the glock….but we also need to remember that being a item whore isn’t in the best interest of the party.

Northeast Room

I don’t think we’re splitting up any of the loot just yet. We can argue over that back in the safety of the keep.

I think that it would be a really good gesture to offer part (quarter, third?) of the gold to Lord Pedraig. 1) At least some of it was taken from his people and 2) he’s put out a substantial chunk o’ change out to equip us. We’re not equipped to hand money out to people who’ve been attacked but he is. And it adds that goodly polish to the reputation boost we will get with these people.

Northeast Room

Mark already has a magic x-bow, which is about the same damage as a glock… I’d rather the Glock be with somebody who does not have a magic weapon, like maybe JohnM.

Taser and handcuffs would come in handy for a fighter who wants to do non-lethal takedowns… like Ice of JohnE.

Ring and amulet: depends on what magic they have. Could go to anybody.

I do have a charger for my iPod. It’s one of those hand-crank flashlights with a USB connector. I’ve been using it to charge up my GPS and iPhone when they go down.

I’m fine returning half the cash to Pedraig, but we get to keep the magic, and he gets to keep the big black gem… which is probably worth 10x more than this pile ‘o gold anyway.

Northeast Room

We don’t know what the thing from the excavation is and I’d be willing to bet my eye teeth it’s magic. And an Important Adventure Item™. I’m thinking that’s gonna stay with us.

Sweet! If you’re cool with letting me use your charger with the iPhone, it can be a functional PDA and I can put a spellbook on it.

Northeast Room

dude… a spellbook on an iphone? How much of a nerd can you be???

Northeast Room

Um… Have we met?? :p

And I would also mention that it’s kind of a pot-kettle issue…

Northeast Room

Remember to be working on your next level up. After you have had a night of rest in the keep, I’m going to bump everyone up and hand out the Posting Points. I will also no longer feel any pity for you.

Northeast Room

Forgot something. JohnM found a scroll case under the mattress of Irontooth’s bed.

Northeast Room

Let me know if there is anything else that you plan on doing in the cave or any special plans for the trip back to the keep (besides picking up the wheelbarrows which I already know about).

Northeast Room

Ooo! Another scroll case. What’s in it? What’s in it? jumps up and down clapping hands

Northeast Room

hmmm… no spells, just a letter about the incoming apocalypse.

well, that sucks…

I’ll want to grab some dragon bones while we’re back at the site as well. Dump the kobold priest on top of that. I’ll also want to make sure we at least don’t look like we’re completely beat to shit. Easy prey for bandits, and all.

I wonder… that “rift” he speaks of… if that’s what we came through?

Northeast Room

We can all wash up in the stream. Good idea regardless. But given all the kobold activity in the area recently, I doubt there’s anyone else left around to do the banditing. The only likely candidates would be the humans from the excavation and after seeing what we’ve accomplished there’s no way they would attack us. You and your scary hood-face would have them peeing.

I’m thinking that Kalarel is trying to open a gate to Orcus’ plane to bring in demons/devils/undead/whatever. Which would be bad. And it certainly wouldn’t be a gate we would want to go through. But it points to the knowledge of how to open one.

The letter also confirms that there’s a spy in Winterhaven. If we can find out who that is we may be able to get some more intel. Maybe CB has some receptive telepathy stuff going on now that she’s a real telepath. :)

Northeast Room

And I agree with picking up some dragon bones. Smaller ones would be great (like wing bones, etc.). But the bigger ones would be good to have/sell too.

Northeast Room

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