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Now What?

Lord Pedraig listened to the Benders explain that there was a spy inside the keep and read the scroll. He waved for the guard that had showed the Benders into the keep to leave saying, “See of Valthrun will join us and tell the guards at the front gate that no one is to leave tonight and to report anyone that protests too much. We will record all that leave in the next few days until we are safe or the spy is found.”

While they were waiting for Valthrun to return, Pedraig looked at the kobold in the wheelbarrow. “What shall we do with this one?”

“I’m not reviving him,” Sister Linora said in a surprisingly stubborn voice. She changed her tone and added, “I need some rest first.”

“I can put him in a cell with a couple of guards watching him until we are ready to interrogate him,” Pedraig said.

“This one is a powerful Priest, My Lord,” says Bex. “We saw him use magic. I’d suggest binding his hands and fingers, and it might also be prudent to gag his mouth so he cannot speak. I saw him use fire and acid; I don’t know if he can charm. But please note: he might be the only kobold alive who knows what is going on, and he knows it. Given the chance, he might try to kill himself, just to spite us.”

Mark left the others to decide that and said that he would return shortly. He went to check on Thair and the progress of the new crossbow. The dwarf updated Mark on the progress (not much yet) but he was busy working on it. He was short with Mark as usual but this time it was less out of impatience at being interrupted but more just out of busy-ness. The dwarf found a project that captivated him and didn’t slow down to speak much with Mark.

JohnM said, “Lord Pedraig, I think that your preparations are good and sufficient for the moment. Let us secure the prisoner in a cell as you suggest. Then I for one need to clean the gore off myself before I can think about eating. May we have an hour to refresh ourselves and before joining you at your table? Thus refreshed, I’m sure we can engage yourself and Vathrun with what we have learned and experienced. Then after a nights rest we will be more than ready to deal with the issue of the prisoner with clearer heads.”

“An hour should be plenty for me,” said Bex. “I’ll be happy to finally get this blood off of me.”

“Of course, of course,” Lord Pedraig said. “Petre will show you all to your baths and fresh clothes.” As if on cue, Petre returned to the main room and showed the Benders to rooms where large tubs of hot water had been prepared. Pedraig’s inner keep wasn’t huge by anyone’s standards, even the Benders, but it did have half a dozen rooms for visiting dignitaries and special guests. While the Benders were cleaning kobold guts off of themselves, Petre went about laying out fresh clothes.

When they were clean, the Benders were taken by Petre to the dining hall. Valthrun was there, smoking his pipe, and visiting with Pedraig. Linora was there as well, clean and in fresh clothes.

“Sit! Eat!” Pedraig said, waving to Petre to start the kitchen staff with bringing out food. Petre disappeared.

Over a fine dinner, the Benders took it in turns to tell of their day’s adventure. The gnome, the excavation, the cave, Irontooth himself… It was hard to believe that so much had occurred in so short a time. But the Benders also had questions of their own. JohnM asked Devon if he would tell them more about how he wound up entangled with the gnome.

“Well,” Devon said after swallowing a bit of game hen, “my father and I were going from town to town helping people with small things, you know, finding things that had been lost. We were making a bit of coin to support the family. We would do this opening show kind of thing to get people interested and then we would go with people that could pay and help them find stuff. Agrid was at one of the shows and paid us to find a goblet. It was in a mansion. We had good business in the city so we stayed a couple of nights and then we were going to go back home. One night Agrid showed up at our room in the inn. He showed us the goblet that he had been looking for. He said that he wanted to hire me for another job. We thought that he had stolen the goblet so my father didn’t want anything more to do with Agrid so my father told him no. Agrid shrugged and left. In the middle of the night, our door was kicked in and a bunch of men ran in. They grabbed me and my father tried to stop them.”

Devon stopped and put down the game hen that he had been munching on.

“Now I’m here and I need to get home to my mom and sisters so I can take care of them.”

Johne looked around at the group and then back at Devon, “Devon, we would be happy to help you in any way we can, but we also need to understand just what is going on around here before we make any more promises.” He turns to look at Valthrun, “Well? What do you have to say about everything that’s happened?”


I will thank him and head off to R&R, also swing by the smithy to see what magic is happening there.

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This week is going to be a crazy one for me. Monday is a family dinner because my brother from Omaha is visiting. Tuesday I have jury duty 120 miles from here in the day and city council at night. Wednesday, I have a special city council meeting. Thursday is my wife’s birthday and we are spending most of the day in town. Friday is Friday, the start of my casino weekend.

I’m still going to try to keep updating in bite-size pieces. I’m hoping that we can get through the post adventure stuff and get all the characters leveled up this week so we can jump into the next chapter of the story next week.

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I’m in the UP away from a computer from Wed-Sun this week, so you are running me as well! :P enjoy your week!

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wow… I’m OK with a slow game until next Monday. I have a few questions, but we can hash them out via email.

Also, how many posting points do we each have thus far? That could effect what I do.

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for my turn, I’ll take 10 on my “perform” skill (total of 18) to tell my story in an entertaining manner.

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For my turn, I’m going to take 10 with my bitch slap on JohnM for asking Devon for his life story during “bite-size” week. =)

Actually, jury duty was cancelled so I may be able to get something out today.

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While you’re at it, let’s get Valthrun’s treatise on the benefits of smoking, and Lord Pedraig’s entire military career…

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“Well,” Devon starts to recount his tale when a guard slams the door open and runs up to Lord Pedraig.

“A black dragon just landed in the courtyard and said that he wants his pendants back and he’s going to kill who ever has them.”

Valthrun tosses the pendant that he was studying over to JohnM.

“God be with you.”

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Hey! We don’t know anything about the kid other than he can find things. And besides he’s not very old so there can’t be all that much to tell. :P

And if Bex is gonna “perform” his story, I’m totally gonna be one of the muppets in the peanut gallery. :D

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Game on!

I love the muppet hecklers!

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Jeez, happy now JohnM? You made Devon sad…

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:P Yes! I love making people feel bad!! mwaahahahahahahahaha!

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