Chief R1

The guard (Def 17) that was in sight jumped out of his chair and grabbed a crossbow from the table in front of him. He spun a let the bolt fly. The way the bolt skittered and bounced along the floor, it was hard to tell who the guard may have been aiming at.

From somewhere around the corner, a bell started to ring.

Ice did his best Conan impression and shouted his battlecry: “Crom wants his doughnuts, you little green bastards!” Crom must have heard the knight, for the goblin, momentarily stunned by the sight of the charging knight (or perhaps he was simply wondering what a doughnut was), soon felt the full force of the blade’s hit. Ice’s attack would have made Conan proud. (Critical hit: 31 ATK, 14 DMG)

Sister Linora reached out and touched JohnE and although he didn’t see anything happen, he somehow felt more protected (+3 Def).

Mark moves up to w/in 6 squares of the little bastid and lets fly with his x-box, hitting him (16+5=21) for 9 damage, manically giggling that he actually shot better then the guard. The visible guard took the bolt in the chest and died.

JohnE runs forward to look for more bad guys. And sees one more goblin in the room, ringing the dang bell. There is a table with some battered cards on it and two chairs. ;;; Map will hopefully be showing up tonight.

Chief r1

;;; Y3 is Splug. The arches are actually closed doors. There is another curtain in the upper right hand hand corner of the guard room.

CB couldn’t see much of the action at the moment but she knew it was about to get very interesting. She readied her sling to deal with any reinforcements that showed up.

JohnM moved up along with JohnE and Ice with his scimitar drawn. “There’s no way they didn’t hear all that in the next room.” So he reached out with “the force” (Mage Hand) and pushed the curtain aside to see what was on the other side. “Better to see what’s ahead when we aren’t within short range.”

Bex holds his action until the beginning of next round… hopefully when something plows through the doors, he’ll get a few shots off!

PPD: 12/13 @ 3pm MST


aw, shit… We need to take out the guard before the cavalry arrives. Which means Ice and JohnE will be in melee. Which means I have pretty much zero chance of hitting with my Glock. So… how’s about y’all surround him so I get a +3 flanking bonus, then I finish him with my machete?

It could happen…

Chief R1

@DM: Is a charge possible from where I am?

Maybe we could make use of the corridor as a bottleneck to control the incoming baddies. In any case, yeah, the melee guys will have to hold of the wave and buy the rest of you time to setup.

Chief R1

@Bex – Now that I speak for CB, I would like to say with great sarcasm, “Great, the machete.”

@Ice – Yes, you can charge from here.

Chief R1

Alrighty, I’ll initiate. Ice charges at the goblin guard. +2 to charge atk and -2 AC until start of next turn.

Chief R1

Meh. Not much of a crit.

It would be funny if someone takes an arrow to the knee.

Chief R1

Since the room was revealed by before I got to go, can the Skywalkering apply to the curtain that’s in the new room?

Chief R1

I put that passage in view because of the Skywalkering.

Chief R1

sorry for my late response, everybody… but since I’m in the read guard without any ranged targets, I hopefully didn’t slow things down too much.

Chief R1

My work schedule was completely messed up so it worked out. New round coming out this morning. It’s about to get real ugly.

Chief R1

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