The passage goes for nearly a hundred feet before it opens up into some kind of room. When the Benders were about 30’ from the room, there heard a scraping noise, a chair sliding on stone and then saw a not-too-concerned goblin looked down the passageway while leaning back in the chair. He was obviously expecting to see goblins coming down the hallway from the look on his face at seeing the Benders and his exclamation, which even in Goblinese sounded a lot like, “Awww shiiit!”

Chief hallway guard

The goblin guard is at the spot marked with a “G”. The lead Benders are at the red arrow when they see him. The blue squiggle is a heavy curtain.

;;; Roll initiative.

I’ll be making two changes to the game here.

First is just a return to posting deadlines and the regular awarding of posting points. I have contented myself this semester to just be the person not holding up the game but as the DM, I actually need to be the person driving the game.

Second, I am going to make some changes behind the scenes to combat based on the importance and possible necessity of technical strategy for each battle. I will increase damage dealt and healed by some factor for less important, potentially straight forward combat. Combat is always the bogging down point of online gaming so I am going to attempt to shorten up the less important battles.

Posting Point Deadline (PPD): 12/9 @ 3pm MST


My init of 12


Looks like hard mode’s been activated, people. o_0

Ice’s initiative: 19


@DM: Which part of the map are we at now?


;;; Need to run an errand and then I’ll put up a new map.


Initiative of 9


4. At least since I go late I can’t hold much up. I’ve been traveling this week.


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