Posting Points

Online games live or die based on the active participation of the players. To keep participation high, I have created Posting Points and have made them the basic reward system of the game instead of experience points.

A minimum of 1 Posting Point will be awarded to a player for their initial response to a DM post. Bonus points may be awarded by the DM for posts that make the game more interesting, for good ideas within the game, and for ideas that help in the running of the game. Some ways that may earn bonus points are:

- More detailed posts or back stories
- Solving a puzzle or riddle
- Coming up with a unique solution that works to a presented problem
- Writing up a post that makes the DM laugh while remaining within the context of the game
- Ideas or solutions in terms of game mechanics

I keep a running total of the Posting Points and they will be awarded at the first of each month and when characters level up. They can be saved or spent at anytime (once they are awarded).

Posting Points can be used to:

- Increase Stats
- Buy Feats
- Buy Talents
- Buy Skill ranks
- As a substitute for Action Points

The base cost for Stats, Feats, and Talents is 10 PP. The base cost for Skill ranks is 1 PP.

The first time that you use Posting Points to purchase a category, the cost is 1 X base cost. The second time that you purchase from the same category, the cost is 2 X base cost. The multiplier continutes to increase by one each time a purchase is made from the same category.


Posting Points may be used to increase a stat by 1 point. Any stat purchase increases the next purchase price by a +1 to the multiplier, regardless of which stat is increased. If a character used Posting Points to increase Strength by one point, it would cost 10 PPs. Later, if that character decided to increase Dexterity by one point, it would cost 20 PPs.


Posting Points may be used to buy any and all feats. The first feat purchased will cost 10 PPs. The second will cost 20 PPs. And so on.


Posting Points may be used to buy talents. A character must have at least one level in a character class to purchase talents from that class. As long as the character has at least one level in a class, that character can purchase as many talents as they want for that class (as long as they have all other prerequisites met).

Every talents purchased increases the price of the next talent by a +1 to the multiplier, regardless of class or tree that the talent comes from.

Skill Ranks:

Each skill counts as its own category.

A character that wanted to purchase a rank of Research would spend 1 PP for that rank. If the character wanted to purchase second rank of Research, it would cost 2 X base or 2 PP. If the character wanted to now purchase a level of Driving, it would cost 1 PP, since it was the first time Purchase Points were used to buy Driving Skill ranks.

Purchase price is based solely on previous purchases using Posting Points and not the level or rank of the skill. If the character bought 2 levels of Research with Posting Points, it would cost 3 PPs (1 for the first rank and 2 for the second rank). If the character used skill points to increase the skill rank to 6 and then decided to buy another rank using Posting Points to take the total rank to 7, the cost would be 3 PPs.

Cross class skills do not increase the cost of skill ranks when using Posting Points.

Posting Points

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