Posting in the Adventure Log

Players are encouraged to respond in character directly into the Adventure Log for each DM post, especially combat posts.

In combat posts, all characters (PC & NPC) will be listed in parenthesis down the page in their initiative order.

Players should follow these guidelines to earn their Posting Points:

  • Post your entry before the Posting Point Deadline (PPD). The PPD is included at the bottom of each post.
  • Delete the parethesis or entire name of your character and post your entry in that location so that it shows up in the proper initiative sequence.
  • Write in third person.
  • Write in past tense.
  • Keep Out Of Character info brief. Longer OOC information should be placed in the comments section. OOC info that is included within an Adventure Log should be clearly delineated with parenthesis and “OOC” or “;;;” (;;; You know, like this).
  • If you want extra information before posting (AC, DC, effect of a hit, effect of a failed skill, etc.) so that you can be more descriptive in your entry, you can post your question in the comments section or email the DM. Please use my real email addy ( instead of the OP mail system.
  • Players are not required to wait until their initiative turn to write an entry. If you feel that it’s unlikely that anyone moving before you will alter your actions, you should write your entry when it’s convenient for you. If there is some doubt that a faster character can alter your actions, you are better off waiting to see how that plays out before you make your entry.
  • Speech between characters and NPCs has the magical power of being nearly timeless so complete conversation can take place even during combat rounds. Out of Character conversations should take place in the comments section.
  • If there is a certain response that you would like inside the Adventure Log post, put the name of the Player, NPC, or DM that you want an answer from in parenthesis on a separate line where you think the response should go. Add some kind of indicator with the name so that the label isn’t confused with their initiative, like (CB – response).
  • Players may place tags in the tag field for their own reference.
  • It should obviously go without saying but players may only edit their own entry in the Adventure Log while the DM may edit any and all entries in the Adventure Log. Players can’t post actions for other players or NPCs without permission (with the DM notified of said permission).
  • When you are saving your entry, be sure that “All” is marked in the Email Notification section so that everyone is aware the Adventure Log has been updated.

Posting in the Adventure Log

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