The Day After the Day After
Kalarel is Close

Lord Pedraig kept the wine and ale coming so that everyone could celebrate and unwind. Bex took a bottle of wine and the good Sister Linora out for some star gazing and watched the sun rise. Some of the Benders made it back to their rooms for the night and a couple ended up sleeping at the dining table.

The next day, when they were up and moving about, if a little slowly, the Benders made the rounds in the keep.

Bex learned from Viola a little about the keep, though she didn’t seem to know much. She told him her secret to the blood roses. Pick them at noon. The goblin’s didn’t seem to move around much at noon, she said. Still, you had to be quick, in and out, just in case.

That night found the Benders back in their common room at Wrafton’s. The place was becoming very comfortable feeling and the innkeeper always took good care of her guests.

The next morning, the Benders were better than new. Bex, JohnM, and CB all found that they were adapting to this plane of existence in ways they never could have imagined. Mark spent the day again with the dwarf and while he was able to share his new world technical knowledge with Thair, the dwarf was able to give Mark some insight into how things work as well. JohnE and Ice spent the day practicing with the militia, both adapting quickly to the martial arena of this plane. They were all adapting to the world and while it felt natural here, it was a bit odd when they thought about where they came from.

At the inn, before dinner was served, Leisha entered the main dining area. She glanced around a bit and when she saw the Benders, she quickly made her way to their table.

“I think Kalarel is planning to attack the keep tonight,” she said without any greeting.

A Message For the Kobold Killers

Once Lord Pedraig learned that the Benders had, as far as anyone knew, completely cleaned out the kobolds and the goblin that was leading them, he ordered that more ale and wine be brought to the table. It was a great day and the gods had delivered the Benders to protect the people in and around the keep.

Kalarel was obviously a problem and one that would have to be dealt with before he brought an army of demons to this world but this night was for celebrating and celebrating they all did. When the talking was dying down, the Benders were lead off to their rooms to sleep it off.

The next day was spent in study and in healing.

Many of the Benders had found that they had new powers in this world and spent time trying to learn how to control those powers. Mark spent time with Thair, working on his new crossbow, which would be ready in a few days.

Sister Linora healed all that she could and it was considerable. She had grown in magical strength since the Benders had arrived and pushed her to her limits. She had gotten too comfortable in the small keep and the Benders had forced her to grow. When she was done with them, they were almost good as new and that was saying something for as close to death as some of them had come.

Valthrun spent the day studying the items that the Benders had retrieved. When he found them that evening, the first thing he did was hold up his end of the bargain.

“The portal that you are looking for, and that Kalarel is trying to open, is in the ruined keep to the north of here on the King’s Road. Kalarel will not give up his hold on the portal if he truly can bring minions of Orcus through it.”

Next he explained the magic items that the group had recovered (check the Group Treasure page for Devon’s amulet, the ring, and the other amulet).

With one more night of rest, the Benders would be healed and ready for their next adventure.

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Closed For Business
Now What?

Lord Pedraig listened to the Benders explain that there was a spy inside the keep and read the scroll. He waved for the guard that had showed the Benders into the keep to leave saying, “See of Valthrun will join us and tell the guards at the front gate that no one is to leave tonight and to report anyone that protests too much. We will record all that leave in the next few days until we are safe or the spy is found.”

While they were waiting for Valthrun to return, Pedraig looked at the kobold in the wheelbarrow. “What shall we do with this one?”

“I’m not reviving him,” Sister Linora said in a surprisingly stubborn voice. She changed her tone and added, “I need some rest first.”

“I can put him in a cell with a couple of guards watching him until we are ready to interrogate him,” Pedraig said.

“This one is a powerful Priest, My Lord,” says Bex. “We saw him use magic. I’d suggest binding his hands and fingers, and it might also be prudent to gag his mouth so he cannot speak. I saw him use fire and acid; I don’t know if he can charm. But please note: he might be the only kobold alive who knows what is going on, and he knows it. Given the chance, he might try to kill himself, just to spite us.”

Mark left the others to decide that and said that he would return shortly. He went to check on Thair and the progress of the new crossbow. The dwarf updated Mark on the progress (not much yet) but he was busy working on it. He was short with Mark as usual but this time it was less out of impatience at being interrupted but more just out of busy-ness. The dwarf found a project that captivated him and didn’t slow down to speak much with Mark.

JohnM said, “Lord Pedraig, I think that your preparations are good and sufficient for the moment. Let us secure the prisoner in a cell as you suggest. Then I for one need to clean the gore off myself before I can think about eating. May we have an hour to refresh ourselves and before joining you at your table? Thus refreshed, I’m sure we can engage yourself and Vathrun with what we have learned and experienced. Then after a nights rest we will be more than ready to deal with the issue of the prisoner with clearer heads.”

“An hour should be plenty for me,” said Bex. “I’ll be happy to finally get this blood off of me.”

“Of course, of course,” Lord Pedraig said. “Petre will show you all to your baths and fresh clothes.” As if on cue, Petre returned to the main room and showed the Benders to rooms where large tubs of hot water had been prepared. Pedraig’s inner keep wasn’t huge by anyone’s standards, even the Benders, but it did have half a dozen rooms for visiting dignitaries and special guests. While the Benders were cleaning kobold guts off of themselves, Petre went about laying out fresh clothes.

When they were clean, the Benders were taken by Petre to the dining hall. Valthrun was there, smoking his pipe, and visiting with Pedraig. Linora was there as well, clean and in fresh clothes.

“Sit! Eat!” Pedraig said, waving to Petre to start the kitchen staff with bringing out food. Petre disappeared.

Over a fine dinner, the Benders took it in turns to tell of their day’s adventure. The gnome, the excavation, the cave, Irontooth himself… It was hard to believe that so much had occurred in so short a time. But the Benders also had questions of their own. JohnM asked Devon if he would tell them more about how he wound up entangled with the gnome.

“Well,” Devon said after swallowing a bit of game hen, “my father and I were going from town to town helping people with small things, you know, finding things that had been lost. We were making a bit of coin to support the family. We would do this opening show kind of thing to get people interested and then we would go with people that could pay and help them find stuff. Agrid was at one of the shows and paid us to find a goblet. It was in a mansion. We had good business in the city so we stayed a couple of nights and then we were going to go back home. One night Agrid showed up at our room in the inn. He showed us the goblet that he had been looking for. He said that he wanted to hire me for another job. We thought that he had stolen the goblet so my father didn’t want anything more to do with Agrid so my father told him no. Agrid shrugged and left. In the middle of the night, our door was kicked in and a bunch of men ran in. They grabbed me and my father tried to stop them.”

Devon stopped and put down the game hen that he had been munching on.

“Now I’m here and I need to get home to my mom and sisters so I can take care of them.”

Johne looked around at the group and then back at Devon, “Devon, we would be happy to help you in any way we can, but we also need to understand just what is going on around here before we make any more promises.” He turns to look at Valthrun, “Well? What do you have to say about everything that’s happened?”

Heading Home
Well, Not Home Really but the Keep Anyway

Linora healed Devon with her magic so that he would be able to walk on his own for the trip back to the keep. Linora agreed with JohnM on the likelihood of being attacked on the way back. Four humans that had been digging ditches against the kobold killers, a warder, and the elven archer. Even without Bex’s holocaust cloak, they would have to be stupid to try anything.

With Devon awake, CB put him to work immediately and found all of her magic sling bullets. This time Devon didn’t feel so bad about it, having taken part in the battle. It was like he was part of the team and not just the little fetch-things bitch. He also helped Mark police brass. It seemed that he didn’t need to know exactly what it was that he was looking for. It was like he would channel the picture in Mark’s mind and just know where that item was.

With the priest on a makeshift stretcher and the chest with as many weapons and shields as would fit on the other stretcher, the Benders headed back to the Dead Dragon Zone. There they filled the wheelbarrows full of dragon bones and tossed a few onto the priest’s stretcher as well. Fully loaded with loot, they picked their way to the east until they were back on the road. Once on the road, even carrying the stretchers, they were able to make fairly good time and the keep really wasn’t that far away.

The walls of the keep that had seemed so foreign on the first day on this plane now looked inviting and safe. The guards let the Benders pass without a word.

As they pass, Bex speaks to both the guards. “We have an important message for Lord Pedraig, and I’m very certain that after hearing it, he may want to speak with certain people… I’m not sure who they might be, but I’m also certain he would be very upset if you were to allow anybody to leave the keep before he speaks with you. Would you please prevent anybody from leaving, until we have spoken to him? We will be back as quickly as possible.” (Diplomacy: 11, no effect)

The guards listened to Bex and then looked at each other before one of them became the spokesperson. “Um, we’ll ask people not to leave but until we hear from Lord Pedraig, the gates will stay open, and um, I don’t think we can stop anyone from leaving. You know? Until we hear from the Lord and all. You understand?”

It was obvious that the guards didn’t want to disappoint the kobold killers, especially since every time they returned, they brought back another nearly dead kobold. This time, in addition to the kobold, they had a bunch of a weapons, shields, and a chest, and it so it looked the kobold killers had been doing some serious killing. Pedraig was still the boss though and if they started taking orders from the kobold killers, it might piss Lord Pedraig off.

“I understand completely,” says Bex. “In that case, don’t bother asking people to stay… We’ll head directly to Lord Pedraig’s to see what his orders are. As a personal favor, could you try to remember the names of people who leave? That would help as well.”

When they got inside the keep, where the entrance to Wrafton’s inn was, Leisha broke off from the party.

“Thank you all for coming after me,” she said. “I have no desire to become a goblin’s bedmate. Now I think I’ll wash up and get some rest. It’s been kind of an exciting day.”

(Unless there is some kind of objection, Leisha is going into the inn.)

The guards at the inner keep were familiar with the drill and didn’t have the Benders wait while one of them went to see Pedraig wanted to grant them access to the inner keep. When they saw the nearly dead kobold, one of them just took the lead and said, “Follow me.” The guard lead the Benders to the audience room and had them wait there while he went to find the lord.

It wasn’t long before Lord Pedraig came briskly striding into the room. He smiled when he saw the Benders and shook hands with all of them saying, “You all look like shit.” He patted them on the shoulder warmly with his free hand while he was shaking their hands, letting them know that he was joking with them. “I remember those days. It seems like a lifetime ago but seeing you now brings back some memories. Yes it does. I’ll bet you are ready for a hot bath, some warm food, and a tankard of ale. And you shall have it all, right here. I want to hear your tale and spare me no details for it has been so long since I have been in your boots. You shall be my guests for the evening and we will swap tales.”

He turned to his manservant. “Petre, have hot baths and clean clothes prepared for our guests. Tonight they dine here. Tell the kitchen that I will be having guests.” Petre gave a nod and left the room.

JohnM said, “Thank you very much, Lord. We do look like hell. It has been a long day and we have much to tell and will surely relish the telling. But there is one thing that must be told and acted upon before the rest. We found this,” as he handed him the note they found in the mattress of Irontooth’s bed, “and it makes clear that there is someone in or associated with your village who has been actively feeding information to the kobolds and their master, Kalarel. There’s obviously more to this plot than just some kobold highwaymen. We believe that the militia should try to keep people from leaving the keep until the spy can be found, but they are yours to command not ours. Someone has sold the safety of your people for their own gain, and we need to unmask them before they do more harm.”

Johne leans over and taps(gently) the incapacitated Kobold on the forhead, “Does anyone know if this little shit can speak English? Otherwise, we should send for Valthrun. I’m tired and need to get cleaned up, but finding out what this guy knows should be a high priority.”

“Yes, this one does speak English,” said Bex. “I heard him say ‘I get the warder’ at the beginning of the battle. But we still need Valthrun to look over what we found at the dragon’s grave. The note speaks of a ‘gate’ being opened in a few days. We are pretty sure that we have thwarted that plan because we stole some very important magic from them… but we need Valthrun to tell us what it is.”

Northeast Room
Found Her

The northeast room was different and it was obvious that this was Irontooth’s room. The first thing that the Benders noticed was the red-headed wood elf trying to pick the lock on some shackles. She was holding a dagger in her teeth and trying to work the lock but seemed completely frustrated. The shackles were connected to a chain that was mounted to the wall.

The room was also different because it had a bed instead of branches. Branches were for heathen kobolds, not sophisticated goblins (Dammit Bapuh! Where’s the mint on my pillow? Inbred mooncalf!).

The chain holding Leisha to the wall just happened to be long enough so that she could lay on the bed if she wished (or if she was forced). Leisha looked like she had taken a beating. She had bruises on her arms and forehead, her hair was a mess, and she was missing a boot. She looked up as the Benders entered the room, dropped the knife from her mouth, and smiled.

“I thought it might be you,” she said.

“What gave us away?” said Bex, returning her smile, “the explosions, or the chaos?”

Also in the room, placed teasingly close to where Leisha could reach with her feet were her bow and her quivers. One of the quivers obviously now had less arrows in it than the other. She hadn’t gone down without a fight. Her sword and backpack were farther away, leaning up against a small iron-bound chest.

“Well, you didn’t think we’d let you have all the fun, did you,” JohnM said (although given the way they looked, maybe that wasn’t the brightest of their ideas). “Sorry we weren’t able to save any for you but I bet one of these keys we found will make you a free woman again. And it seems even more likely that the other of the pair will let us into that coffer that’s holding up your stuff. Can you walk? Do you need healing? We’re about tapped out but we can help some if you need it.”

“I think I’m doing as well as you,” she said, making it sound like you guys looked like shit and she could manage to go without any special treatment for the moment.

With that they tried the keys on the chains and found that one did indeed fit. After helping Leisha to her feet, JohnM had another thought. “They had mages and/or priests. I wonder if they would have taken the time to cast a trap spell on the chest. I don’t guess we have any way of finding out. But just so we don’t have to carry another comatose body out of here, who among us looks the least hurt? JohnE, would you mind check this key in that lock?”

JohnE wasn’t exactly thrilled at being volunteered to be blown to bits or whatever trap a goblin might leave on a chest but he also knew that being the tank in the party was going to get him volunteered to be the bait and the chest opener and whatever else needed to be done that was dangerous. He put the key in the lock, closed his eyes, ducked as low as he could, and turned the key. There was a click and nothing else.

Without getting up from his crouch, he swung the lid open so that only his arm would get blown off when the trap went off but nothing happened. He peered over the edge and saw a plethora of items, one of which was a tad surprising.

Everything was laying on a bed of gold coins (420 would be the final tally when there was time to count them – “It’s good to be king”). The surprising one was a nylon duty belt with a Glock 17, a couple of extra mags, a flashlight, a taser, and a set of handcuffs. There was also a bullet proof vest that looked so badly damaged by sword cuts that it was probably useless at this point. There was also a ring and an amulet.

On a lark, JohnM decided to search the bed as well. You never know with those goblins. (As if he knew anything about goblins.) “I think we should check this place out from top to bottom. They may have hidden other things or information outside the chest.”

In one of the tree limb beds, the Benders found 5 more silver pieces that one of the kobolds must have been keeping for a rainy day or to purchase the services of a kobold hooker.

While everybody else is looting, Bex is keeping an eye on the hallway, hand on his glock. He’s not sure if anything else was in the lair, and didn’t want to be surprised. “Leisha, I don’t know if you had a chance to count… after killing 9 kobolds at the dig site, we took out 19 kobolds and one Goblin in this here lair. In this lair there were 3 dragonshields, one priest, and two fairly tough spear wielders. The rest were just fodder. Does that sound like all of them?”

“Yes it does,” she said, seeming to be surprised by the large numbers Bex reported.

“Well, the contents of the chest pretty well cinch it. Either those guys lied to us back at the military base about no one having gone through (we’d all be shocked I know), or someone else from there tried to use the Bender to escape after things went to hell. Probably during the gunfire and explosions before we got out. Only they didn’t fare so well against the kobolds when they landed here. Let’s take everything and get out of here. It’s a long walk back to the Keep carrying two stretchers.”

“Lets just make sure our “friend” here is kept nice and “comfortable”, Mark says. On the way out of the area he also polices the brass from any guns that have been fired, he thinks they might be handy at some point if he can spend some time with his dwarven and mage friends.

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Kobold Lair - Aftermath
Let Me Guess. It's Lootin' Time.

Blood was running from all the bodies in the cave. Some of it was mixing with the water from the waterfall and flowing out into the river. The whole cave smelled of battle and blood that not even the vapor from the falls could cover. Now that they had all stopped, the cool air of the cave and the vapor from the falls was noticeable and welcomed. The sound of the falls that had been forgotten in the battle came rushing back into their ears and seemed almost deafening in the cave. All of the Benders and Linora were panting from the battle that had started outside and ended inside. This world was different and they had found themselves fighting for their lives more than they could have ever imagined but this battle was like all the others rolled up in one. It was amazing how quickly the Benders had adapted to this world. Everyone except CB was cut, slashed, bruised, or bleeding but they had not only survived but they had one.

Mark “Hawkeye” Pierce bandaged up the priest so that he would live. The Benders had more questions to ask and the priest just might be the guy with the answers. The guy with the best chance at answers had had his head cut off so that made questioning difficult.

“Goblins are worse than kobolds,” Linora said, looking at Irontooth’s head. It had rolled a couple of feet from his body and then been kicked further during the battle with the last Dragonshield. The Benders looked at the head, learning for the first time what a real goblin looked like. Well, a headless goblin anyway.

Ice cleaned the blood and entrails off of his longsword, using the clothing of one of the dead minions. He had really grown attached to the longsword. He always thought that he would be relying on his martial arts but once he felt the sword in his hand, he knew that it was meant for him and he for it.

“I owe you,” he said to Sister Linora. “Sister”, of course, because he was referring to her healing ability. It was interesing to note that it was easier to think of her as “Sister” when everything was calm or she was healing someone and plain old “Linora” when she was smacking someone with her three-sectioned staff.

“No, it is I and the people of Winterhaven that owe you all,” she said as she looked around the cave at all of the dead kobolds and the dead goblin. “I think the loggers and our roads will be safe again.”

Sister Linora touched Bex where the last axe blade had hit him. “Are you okay?” she asked, as she pulled on her magic to heal the Bender (+4 hp). Her hand stayed on his side even after the spell was cast. Bex puts his hand on hers, nods, and says, “I’ll be OK… The sooner we all get back to the keep, the better.”

Bex uses the water nearby to wash some of the blood off his face and body… his machete is only slightly blood-stained. “I’m nervous that there might be another band of Kobolds, or that the Gnome’s helpers are still lurking about. The less injured we appear, the better.”

Mark had stopped all the bleeding on the priest. The kobold didn’t look like he was going to die very soon but it was still unconscious.

JohnM had to raise his voice to be heard over the noise from the falls. “After all that, I hope Leisha is still alive in here somewhere. Let’s quick take anything useful off these guys and then look through the rest of the cave for her. I’m hoping that there’s nothing else in here waiting for us but I don’t like the idea of splitting the group with half of us having experienced being “mostly dead” today. Ice or JohnE, can one of you manage to carry the priest for now? We can switch off later to get it back to the keep for questioning. Sound like a plan?”

“Don’t forget Devon,” says Bex. “We should have brought one of those wheelbarrows from the dragon’s grave.” He looks at Mark and adds “Hey Hawkeye, can you rig up some kind of stretcher? We’ll need 2… hopefully we won’t need 3.”

“Ack. How could I forget the little demon. We can use mine and CB’s quarterstaves to make a stretcher. Let’s do that when we’re ready to leave. hard to maneuver a stretcher in these caves. I’ll carry Devon for now. He’s light. But you’re right about those wheelbarrows. We should go by there on the way back. If there’s any luck left the wheelbarrows will still be there and we can dump the kobold in one. Let’s hope that Leisha can at least walk.”

Mark takes the staffs and looks for some stout branches and fashions some stretchers (take 10 to do so). “Great, ANOTHER knickname to add to the list, but I guess it’s better than “dead guy” or “pincushion”! We need to make sure our “friend” here stays nice and tied up. I also suggest we gag him so he doesn’t try to do any funny stuff!”

It was easy to make stretchers from materials in the caves and the spears that were laying all about so that Devon and the priest could be carried or dragged about. In the room, from the bodies of the dead kobolds, the Benders were able to find a grand total of 12 gp and 48 sp, plus their weapons, another dragon mask, and another black dragon pendant with the symbol of Orcus engraved in the bottom of it.

Under his dirty ragged shirt, Irontooth’s body was wearing chainmail that was too big for him but had been jury-rigged to fit. His battleaxe was laying by his body and laying in a pool of his blood was a pouch that apparently used to hang from his neck. Inside the pouch were two keys.

A quick peek around corners showed that the rest of the room in the caves were used for sleeping, with branches thrown on the ground as makeshift futons. There were spears and javelins in a couple of the rooms but nothing remarkable without a thorough search except in the northeast room.

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Kobold Lair - Round 17
Going Down With the Ship

JohnM “Mark, see if you can keep the priest alive. He’s more likely to have useful information than the grunt. We need answers about what is/was really going on here.” Then he aimed the MM wand at the Dragonshield and fired. (-2hp)

Linora stepped forward and smacked the dragonshield (-5 hp). She knew that there was only one way to deal with dragonshields.

Bex also stepped forward to help flank the dragonshield… pretty soon we’ll all be at +4! He swings the machete and of course misses… but the good news is that he didn’t hit any of his friends!

Mark says “who the hell am I, Hawkeye Pierce?” and moves over the priest. He first disamrs him and starts to tie him up in prep to see if he can keep him alive.

The new King Kobold seemed flustered that he was the last one left. It didn’t look like he planned to give up anytime soon but his swing was wild.

CB looked at what was happening and there was no way she was going to zing a bullet into the middle of all that. Instead, she watched for a few seconds and told John E and Ice telepathically the best way to get past the kobold’s defense (;;; they both get +1 on their next attacks).

John E freaked just a little bit when CB talked to him straight into his head even though he knw she could do it. Even following her advice, he failed to execute. He missed the short bastard again.

Ice on the other was not freaked and did exactly what CB told him to do. He made a move to stab the kobold that missed its mark, let the kobold duck John E’s punch and stab up, then Ice swung the sword low in an upward angle like he was swinging for a home run. The longsword went under the dragonshield’s dragon-like shield and cut the kobold in half (-25 hp). The two halves of the kobold slid apart and fell to the ground.

Ice pointed at the priest with his sword. “I know none of you care which one we take alive but might I suggest we take the priest.”

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Kobold Lair - Round 16
The King is Dead. Long Live the King

JohnM shouted, “Take the priest alive. I bet we can get some information out of him if JohnE doesn’t pound him to a pulp first.” ;) Then he pulled out his trusty (and virtually smoking) MM wand to soften the mage up. (-2hp)

Linora ran around John M so she could try to reach Bex. The priest saw her making her move and stood up. Linora tried a feint with her staff but the Priest didn’t bite. He jabbed his spear into her (-8 hp). Linora didn’t even slow down. She splashed into the little pool of water and knelt by Bex. She laid a hand on his face and called on her power to heal Bex (+4 hp).

Bex wakes up, weak, and barely able to move… luckily he’s strong enough to aim. He levels his glock at the Priest, and scores a lucky hit (att 16+3, dam -9 hp). Bex looks into the eyes of the Priest and says, “If I can do this much damage after dying, you really should think about surrendering…” He looks over at King Dragonshield and back then adds, “we only want one of you alive.”

Mark sees Irontooth go down and is tempted to drop another bolt in him JIC, but decides to turn and fire on the priest instead. By some odd stroke of luck (it seems) the bolt flys true and hits for 10 points of damage. He then says to the priest “I don’t care WHICH of you it is either!” OOC: assuming the priest doesn’t drop, then I’d be mocking a corpse

King Dragonshield and Mark must have been connected in some way where only one of them was allowed to hit at a time. The dragonshield missed John E.

CB whirred up the sling and zipped it off at the priest just in case the kobold took Ice up on the challenge and brought Irontooth back to life. The magic bullet hit the priest in his huge nose and the priest fell over backward.

John E hit the new king under the chin hoping for a solid enough hit to knock the thing down. It was solid (-6 hp) but the kobold shook it off and looked ready to keep on fighting.

Ice moved so that the dragonshield would have to defend himself from both side. The Bender attacked with the longsword but missed.

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Round 16 Map Defense:
Dragonshield – 18
Priest – 17

Kobold Lair - Round 15
Not a Buh. A Bomb.

JohnM takes a step forward (marker is adjusted), whispers a quick “Skywalker don’t fail me now”, and then grabs the sticky dynamite with his mind and flies it across to Irontooth. May the gods bless duct tape forever and ever amen! He pushes it against the small of Irontooth’s back and holds it there. “Fire in the hole!” Then it explodes (-8hp). Irontooth twisted his body so that he could take a hard axe swing at Bex and the concussion from the blast caught him, John E, and the Dragonshield. All of them flinched and ducked as best they could.

Linora was surprised by how loud the sound was in the cave and flinched with everyone else. She took a swing at the priest with her staff but she missed.

Irontooth’s back was burned and he glanced over his shoulder to see how far away his priest was. Either he was thinking about making some pre-death confessions so that he could get into kobold heaven or he wanted the priest to heal him. He swung his axe hard and made it past Bex’s machete cutting the Bender down (-10 hp). Then Irontooth moved back away from John E (1 square shift so that he’s free to move without invoking an attack of opportunity from the martial artist next round).

“Nighty night, magey mage,” Irontooth said.

Bex fell down.

Linora heard Irontooth and looked over. She moved away from the priest so she could get to Bex next turn. It looked like there was going to be a prisoner swap as Linora and Irontooth made plans to change places.

(;;; Round 15 Map)

Mark stands up from working on Devon and takes a pot shot at Irontooth with is x-bow. What a surprise, he misses badly (oooh, a roll of a 6). Maybe it’s due to the copious amounts of blood still oozing from his wounds…

Unlike Mark, the Dragonshield didn’t seem to be able to miss, no matter how hard he tried. The kobold cut John E, yet again, as a broken crossbow bolt clattered across the floor.

CB moved away from Irontooth and whirred up the sling to full speed. She let the bullet fly and completely and utterly stole Mark’s thunder by dinging Irontooth in the back of the head (-7 hp), pitching the beast over on his face.

The Priest ran across the cave and knelt by Irontooth, spoke in his weird barking/squeaking voice and reached out to touch Irontooth. John E kicked at the priest but missed (attack of opportunity). The priest was concentrating and didn’t even see the kick. He touched his leader. Irontooth opened his eyes, pointed at CB, and said, “Congraddulations girly, you’re next.”

John E punched at the Dragonshield but the short bastard ducked under it again.

Ice ran around John M, covering the distance to Irontooth in a couple of strides. He brought the sword down with all his might and cut Irontooth’s head off. He pointed the longsword at the priest and said, “Heal that, bitch.”

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Irontoof – 18
Dragonshield – 18
Priest – 17

Kobold Lair - Round 14
Trade Ya

JohnM yelled, “Mark! Grab Devon and stop the bleeding. Linora’s got her hands full.” Then he took out that special dynamite stick with the double-length fuse and his roll of duct tape. As he stepped over Ice’s body (marker where I end), he rolled up some duct tape and applied three wads of the, now, double-sided-sticky tape to the dynamite. Then he lit the fuse.

Linora watched as Devon went down. The lad had bought her some time and she would be help him as soon as she could do so without getting jabbed by a spear. She knelt, still watching the kobold priest, and reached a hand out behind her. It fell on Ice’s face and she called on her powers of healing for the Bender warrior. Ice opened his eyes.

Irontooth showed his iron teeth in a smile at the mage as he pulled back for the axe strike that would cut this mage down. How would you pair with some baked Bex? After this fight, probably with a couple cold beers. That thought would have to wait though because this time Bex was able to get his machete between the axe and his body. The clang was loud and he felt the impact in his shoulders but that was better than spilling his entrails on the floor.

Bex knows that he needs to keep Irontooth occupied for as long as he can, and is now slightly hopeful that he might survive another 2 rounds. He continues to focus entirely on deflecting that big, giant axe. If JohnM does next round what Bex thinks he’s going to do, Bex might need to jump through the waterfall… “Mark! CB! Get between Irontooth and the Priest!” Bex is trying both to get them out of the blast radius, and make sure that Irontooth gets no healing without at least 3 attacks of opportunity.

JohnM “No! CB stay where you are and hit the priest with your sling from there. Mark, stay put with Devon (he can’t move again anyway because he uses his 5’ step to get to the kid and treat injury). And remember they can understand what we’re saying.”

Mark moves over to Devon to try his hand at holding the kid together. Using treat injury (21!) on Devon for 1 point, which should at least stop the bleeding and stabilize him. He then looks around for his next move to see if he can put a bolt in something smelly.

The Dragonshield continued to slice John E, little by whittle (-5 hp).

CB started to move then stayed, looked from Bex to John M and zipped off a sling bullet. It missed.

The Priest looked to see that Irontooth and Dragonshield probably had things covered. The priest found himself in an unlikely situation in that he was trying to deal with all the other attackers. He took a step forward and summoned his only area effect spell, shooting flames from the mouth of the dragon mask. The flames engulfed Linora (-5 hp, she made her save) and JohnM. Knowing the consequences if the dynamite went off prematurely, JohnM curled himself around the tube of explosives to protect it from the flames. He thought, “this is gonna hurt…”.

John E swung a wild right hook over the kobold’s head. “Man, these are short little bastards.”

Ice glanced around (give him a break, he’s been mostly dead all day), rolled over and grabbed his longsword, and stood up.

Devon the Downed stopped bleeding, thanks to Mark (because it’s unlikely Dev was going to make his save).

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Irontoof – 18
Dragonshield – 18
Priest – 17


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