Cemetary - R5

“Worthless skeletons,” Leisha (Def:22) hissed as she took a couple short steps back away from Ice. At the same time, she reached to the quiver she had hanging on her left hip, angled forward for just such an occassion. She launched the arrow at Ice then reached back into the right quiver for the next shot. The first arrow hit the warrior (-3 hp) and exploded in a ball of fire (roll Fort save). The skeleton (O3) was caught in the blast and blew into dust.

New Map (except the skeleton by Ice is gone now)

Bex takes a step to the northwest to get away from the zombie, and fires at him again. This time, unfortunately, he misses (d20+4 = 8)

Mark shifts back a square again, TRYING to put some distance and bolts into the disgusting creepy that seems to have taking a liking to his arm…(CRIT to hit roll…second roll a miss, how surprising…11 points of damage to the mark loving zombie). Fort save of 14.

As the flames died away, Ice decided then that the elf would be much better off dead. He then made a quick step sideways (SW 1 square) towards the elf and attempted a sweeping kick. Unfortunately, Ice’s injuries hampered his abilities and allowed Leisha to avoid yet another one of the Bender’s attacks. (Attack: 4+7=11)

(CB)fires a magic sling bullet at Leisha, but is flies wide of the target – and CB curses under her breath (attack roll of 12)

Johne takes off running west, hoping to blow the head off Marks Zombie before it can have him for dinner. He fires off a shot.(Attk:14)(Dmg:9) and blows another hole in the damned thing!

The remaining skeletons (Def: 16) continued to attempt to pummel JohnM, with one connecting (-4 hp) and one missing.

The north zombie (Def: 14) lunged forward after Bex and tore a chunk of flesh from the sorceror’s neck (-13 hp). Bex fell to the ground with zombie spit sizzling in the gaping hole in his neck (roll Fort save). The zombie mutilating Mark’s arm released its grip and chomped down again but this time Mark pulled his arm out of the way.

JohnM didn’t like the way that liquid was crawling up the staff one. little. bit. So he threw it down in the general direction of the skeletons harassing him. But seeing his friends hard pressed by the more substantial foes, he decided to ignore them for the moment and aimed the wand at the Zombie attacking Mark and let fly (4hp to Z2).

Devon moved up behind the closest skeleton (O5) and figured he could bash it to bits before it even knew he was there. Unfortunately, he was wrong.

Cemetary - R4

New Map

Leisha (Def: 22) yanked her arm free of Ice’s grab with a violent motion down toward the quiver on her right hip. She took a step around Ice, closer to the blue circle, nocking the arrow as she moved. She let the arrow loose at Bex and nocked another. The first one nicked the sorceror (-1 hp – her damage has really sucked ass in this fight) and the second arrow missed.

With Linora safely out of the circle, Bex turns his attention to the snarling wretch biting his arm. Sensing that his Frightful Presence wouldn’t work on undead, he makes sure to Dodge against the zombie this round. He takes a 5’ step north, and fires his Glock (d20+4=15) and gives the beast a flesh wound (dam: 5). “Linora!” he yells, “can you hear me?”

Linora moved her head back and forth like she was indicating “No,” but that didn’t make any sense. Maybe she was writhing in pain or trying to shake something from her brain.

Mark shifted back one space from the zombie gnawing on his arm, not liking how things are going, feeling like the extra in a bad B rate movie. He levels his weapon at the zombie and lets fly…and misses (seriously, a 6? This roller HATES me with a passion beyond reason)….

Ice, realizing that taking the elf prisoner instead of outright killing her might be a more profitable course of action, surprised Leisha by dropping his longsword and swinging a meaty fist towards her dainty little elf face. Naturally, he missed. (atk: 4+7=11) He then moved a few steps (1 square) west to protect both Bex and Linora from Leisha’s immediate line of fire.

The south skeleton (Def: 16) made another wild swing at JohnE and missed.

CB steps northwest and shoots a magic sling bullet at the zombie trying to eat Bex, barely hitting the thing in the shoulder as she has difficulty shooting into combat (roll 10, +6 to hit, -4 for melee for a 12; uses an action point for 5, making the hit roll of 17 hit for 3 points of damage).

JohnE winds up for the swing and whifs one past he skeleton’s head. Somebody get this guy a can of spinach, his pipes are saggin’.

Three of the north skeletons (Def: 16) continued to chase JohnM to the edge of the blue circle and one of them was able to connect a bony fist with the mage’s body (-4 hp). The other one swung at Ice and missed.

The zombies (Def: 14) continued their attacks on Bex and Mark. The one by the circle snapped jaws near Bex but missed. The other one opened his mouth and clamped jaws down higher on Mark’s arm. It was like eating corn on the cob (-6 hp: roll Fort save).

Liking the immediate gratification offered by the wand, JohnM blasts one of his attackers in the skull (3hp to O6). Then he figured, “What the hell” and scraped his quarterstaff through the glowing blue circle, breaking the line and drawing the blue liquid into the secondary channel. The blue liquid followed the staff and clawed at it, trying to climb the staff toward the mage.

The beetle obliterates its last opponent (8hp to G6) and, for good measure, draws on it’s celestial nature to add just a little extra (+1hp – Smite Evil). Then it’s time on this plane expired and it vanished with a little pop.)

Devon moves out from behind his tree and heads toward the circle where most of the rest of the party is. (End up 20’ east of JohnM)

Cemetary - R3

New Map

Leisha (Def: 22) took more small steps, extricating herself from between Bex and Ice (southwest one square so she’s beside Bex) while firing two more arrows at Ice. They hit but they just weren’t very effective (-3 hp).

As Leisha moves South, Bex maneuvers Northwest to cut the rope binding Linora’s hands. With a swift stroke of his (t)rusty machete, he slices through the rope at the stake, and then pulls her to the west… hoping to drag her away from the odd blue tendril, and outside of the magic circle as fast as he can.

Mark shudders at the bite on his arm wondering what is going to happen to him e(fort save roll of a fraking 1!), but tries to pump a bolt into the zombie that bit him but missing horribly (2+4=6)….(I still hate this die roller BTW….)

As Leisha stepped aside in an attempt to get some breathing space (and some more shots at Ice), Ice quickly followed suit and moved southwest, out of the skeletons’ reach. He then attempted to grab (and hopefully restrain) Leisha (atk: 15+3+4=22) and managed to snag her barely in time. Leisha tried to yank her arm free of Ice’s grasp but failed.

The remaining south skeleton (Def:16) swiped dirty fingernails inches from JohnE’s face.

CB runs west to join the fight near the ring, ending up just south of the zombies, with enough of a gap to charge or use her sling as the situation warrants.

Johne took a swing at the nearest skeleton, but the boney creeps could dodge like boxers.

The skeleton (Def: 16) attacking Devon tried clawing the other way around the tree but Devon managed to duck back and use the tree for cover again.

The three skeletons that attacked JohnM chased him down and attacked again and this time all of them were able drag rotten fingernails across his body (-6 hp total).

The other two attacked Ice again and one of them nicked the warrior (-1 hp).

The zombie (Def: 14) that bit Mark’s arm, loosened its grip and then bit down on the arm again (-4 hp – roll 2 Fort saves). The zombie spit on the site of the first bite continued to sizzle into Mark’s arm, black smoke rising from the burning skin (-5 hp).

The other zombie seemed freaked (if that’s possible of a zombie) by Bex’s actions and chased the sorceror down. The zombie grabbed the arm Bex was using to drag Linora and bit down hard on the forearm trying to get Bex to let go (-7 hp – roll Fort save).

JohnM pulled out that handy wand that Valthrun had given him. These skeletons didn’t seem to be able to take much of a hit before crumbling. Maybe a magic missle would be enough to dispatch one. He said the command word and fired into the back of the one he was looking at (3hp damage to O4). The energy bolt was enough to shatter vertabrae and the skeleton crumbled. Then he finished moving toward the post where Linora’s feet were secured (2 spaces diagonally SW – can adjust if skeleton movements make that impossible).

The fire beetle snapped at the skeleton harassing JohnE and CB but couldn’t get it’s mandibles to lock onto the undead thing.

Devon swung his staff at the skeleton clawing at him with all his might and managed to connect as it came around the tree (2hp damage – O1). He always seemed to pull something out of his hat when he was cornered by something wanting to eat him. The skeleton fell to the ground and turned to dust.

Cemetary - R2
Party Crashers

Leisha (Def: 22) took a couple of small steps toward the zombies, looking to get some help. The Benders had acted more quickly than the brainless skeletons and she needed to adjust. She also needed to take Ice down so that she could deal with the rest of the group without being harassed. With blinding speed, she again fired two arrows point blank at the warrior. The first bounced off his shield but the second one hit, barely (-2 hp – Note: Leisha is not subject to attacks of opportunity for using a bow in melee because she’s a badass elven archer).

New Maps

Bex runs along the wall, past the skeleton to his north, Dodging as well as he can to avoid being hit, and moves behind Leisha to Flank her (+ 2 to hit). He swings with his staff, and actually manages to connect! (d20 + 3=20, + 2 from one action point, total 22, 3 points damage) Given Leisha’s armor and quickness, that’s probably all the damage he’ll be able to do to her… but hopefully his Frightful Presence might shake her enough so she can’t hit Ice so easily.

Mark runs up behind the Leisha and looses a bolt at her back (17+6=23) for 9 points of damamge. Suddenly wondering why the hell he is so sporadic in his ability to hit ANYTHING! It seems he goes from dead on to shooting at the sky!

“Your annoying arrows are a minor inconvenience as compared to what I’m about to give you, elf,” Ice growled as he made a heavy swing with his longsword. Unfortunately for Leisha, the bolt stuck in her back coupled with three Benders harassing her hampered her ability to dodge, (atk: 12+7+3 [flanking bonus]=22) allowing Ice’s sword to score a grievous blow. (dmg: 6+6+4[str bonus]+2[normal and improved melee smash]=18 total)

One south skeleton moved in on CB and slashed with bony fingers but missed. The other two attacked the martial artist, with one hitting (-3 hp) and one missing.

(CB) CB steps up to the northwest and swings at another skeleton, emboldened by her success with the first (roll 15, burn action point, hit for 6 points of damage!). Grunting with the effort, she connects with her staff and the skeleton crumbled to the ground.

JohnE fragmented another skull but was slashed by the remaining skeleton for his effort (-4 hp).

Three skeletons surrouned JohnM and clawed at him and somehow all of them managed to miss him. Devon didn’t have to come after the skeletons because one went to him. Devon ducked behind the dead tree and the skeleton tore off bits of dead bark with its fingernails. The last two attacked Ice from behind, flanking him with Leisha’s help. One missed terribly and one hit, doing about all it could do with a bony fist to the side of Ice’s head (-4 hp).

The zombies split at the bottom of the stairs, with one attacking Bex and the other going after Mark. The first zombie tried to bite into Bex’s face but the jaws snapped shut a moment too soon. Bex could swear that it sounded like the zombie’s slobber was sizzling. The other zombie bit into Mark’s arm, hard (-7 hp, roll Fort save).

JohnM was not expecting to have a skeleton erupt from the ground in front of him. So his fumbling swing with his staff left a lot to be desired. In an effort to relieve some of the pressure on the party members dealing with Leisha (as well as get closer to Linora), he Tumbles his way further West (4 spaces). His tumbling was about as effective as his attack had been. As he’s dexterously avoiding his undead neighbors, he yells “Devon, if they turn to follow me come whack one in the back! The Beetle will help free up CB and JohnE. We need give Bex, Ice, and Mark some breathing room.”

The beetle changed directions and tried to snap at the last southern skeleton but it must the leg bone.

After dodging, Devon swung at the skeleton from the other side of the tree but only smacked the tree.

;;; Working on a pic and a post right now.

Cemetary - R1
I see dead people

Linora stopped screaming when she ran out of breath. Her body still squirmed like it was trying to move away from the the boring blue energy but the ropes held her in place.

Leisha poked around the corner of the small building in front of the north team, far enough to let an arrow fly at Ice. Before it had hit him, she was already reloading. As the first arrow hit Ice, the second one was in the air and it hit him too (-6 hp total).

Bex, not terribly surprised that Leisha has been colluding with evil, takes aim and fires his Glock at her (to hit: 17). The bullet hit the mausoleum that Leisha was using for cover. He darkens his face while he roars, making his presence as Frightful as possible. Luckily for his friends, he brought a staff as well as his trusty Machete, so the frightfulness shall only be felt by his enemies.

Mark runs between the buildings and tries to take a shot at the traitor to the cause. He must learn the skill for running and shooting as he misses (to hit: 8/9).

Ice grunted in pain as the first two bolts hit his left arm in quick succession. “Dammit, is that b!@#h hastened?! At least it wasn’t my sword arm,” he mumbled to himself as he positioned himself squarely between Leisha (her general position in Ice’s sight) and Linora. With his longsword in hand, Ice readied himself to defend the rescuers and from any further harm.

The ground shook near the south team with the grave markers wobbling nearly to the verge of falling over. Next, instead of clawing their way out of the ground like the Benders had been taught to expect by Hollywood, skeletons shot up from the dirt in an explosion of dust. It was like Gaia was revulsed by their presence and had puked them from her gut.

;;; Updated Pic

(CB) steps forward, drawing her staff and bashing a skeleton (20 to hit, 4 for critical, 2 for damage). The staff crushed the skeleton’s skull and it fell to the ground where it turned to dust.

JohnE drew his Glock and was ready to run when the skeletons were spewed forth. Quickly changing to plan B, JohnE capped the closest skeleton in the forehead obliterating the skull.

Like she had had one too many shots of tequila, Gaia puked forth another set of skeletons. This batch were thrust up near the headstones to the northeast of the magic circle. Bex and JohnM found they had new playmates.

The doors to the biggest mausoleum banged open and two more undead came down the stairs. These actually still had flesh on their bones, although little bits of the dead flesh fell off here and there as the zombies walked to the bottom of the stairs.

JohnM gives the paths of energy a little bit of a yank and pulls some help out of the ether (Summon Monster I – Celestial Fire Beetle). The summoned beetle appears northwest of and adjacent to skeleton 2 and immediately attacks the skeleton, pincers tearing off one of the legs. The skeleton tries to balance for a second but falls over and turns to dust.

@Devon and Bex: “That should help protect the flank. Devon, stay here with Bex in the cover of the tree. He’s going to need someone watching his back while he tries to get at Leisha.” Then he takes off towards the blue circle and Linora (6 spaces directly west).

;;; New map and new post in a few minutes.

Cemetary - Pre R1
There's one of 'em

The Benders split after entering the gate with half the team going left and the other half going right with Devon. The scene was absolutely nothing like the movies, except for the bizarre dead trees. The sky was a beautiful blue, the temperature was probably close to 75 degrees, and there was a light breeze blowing. Perfect picnic weather. Not necessarily inside a cemetary.

The teams skirted the fence in either direction, with the right team working around the statue and one of the dead trees. The glowing blue magic circle came into view and that’s when they saw her.

Sister Linora was lying in the circle, arms outstretched over her head. Her hands had been tied together and her feet were similarly bound. A stake outside the south side of the circle had a rope running from it and was tied to ropes holding Linora’s hands. A stake outside the north side of the circle had a taut rope attached to the ropes on Linora’s feet. She was stretched as far as she could go. She didn’t appear to be moving or struggling in any way.

There were three arrows stuck in her right side. The movement of the flights showed that Linora was still breathing. The glowing blue energy of the circle seemed to coalesce and rise from under the arrows, forming a nearly transparent tendril. The tendril moved and danced around the shaft of one of the arrows darting inside the rip in Linora’s robe. It swirled around the shaft, creating a spiral, as if trying to form a kind of bore to penetrate Linora’s skin.

Linora screamed.

PPD – 1/14 @ 10a mst.

Roll for initiative.

The Cemetary

As you get closer, you realize there is another small building, making that three stone mausoleum-looking structures. There are some large smooth boulders ahead of you, inside the cemetary. Walking along the path, the boulders take shape, like they were once part of a statue, long ago fallen, and now rounded by time. On either side of the boulders, you can catch a glimpse of the magic circle’s blue glowing light but the boulders are blocking your full-on view of it from this distance. There are plenty of stone grave markers around and a couple of trees that look out of place because they are dead or dying.

;;; PPD – 1/11 @ 3p mst.

My Obsidian Portal subscription apparently lapsed (a reminder email would have been nice). I have renewed but I still couldn’t upload the new map so I have placed it on the old blog.

North To A . . . cemetery
The Rush Is On

The Benders told Pedraig that they would be checking out the threat to the north and climbed down off the wall. The main gate was opened long enough for the plane-travelers to exit before it was creaked closed again and the bar thudded into place.

The trail was fairly easy walking and within 10 or 15 minutes, the group could see a couple of stone buildings inside a fenced area (You know why cemetaries have fences, right? People are dying to get in.)

Nothing was moving and at this distance, there was no sign of any magic circle.

PPD – 1/7 @ 10a mst

Huh . . .

The Benders all gathered on the north wall and looked north, then northwest, then northeast, and then back to the north. Everything seemed normal, except for the eery feeling.

And a returning thought tapping on the back of Bex’s mind. He looked at everyone on the wall and looked toward the gate and into the keep. No sign of Leisha or Linora.

Bex turns again to Devon the Diviner… and asks two very important questions, hoping he won’t dread the answers:

“Devon, where is Linora?”

Devon pointed north.

“Devon, where is Leisha?”

Devon pointed north again.

Bex growls low… “My Lord: we suspect that the spy has taken Linora and Leisha north to the enemy. This attack was probably just a cover for their kidnapping. We also have to accept the possibility that the spy might even be Linora or Leisha… or perhaps they might be charmed.”

“Another thing, My Lord,” Bex continues, “right before the Skeleton attack, Leisha met us at the Inn. She said she thought that there would be an attack on the keep tonight, because she spotted an odd magic-looking circle in the Graveyard north of here… this might be where they are headed. Should we go after them?”

Pedgaig thought for a moment, weighing the safety of the walls with the fact that Kalarel might have an enchantment in the cemetery.

“If that circle is what raised these skeletons and there is more magic left in the spell, the circle should be destroyed.”

Looking North

Pedraig moved a few of his militia to the north wall along with Bex. There didn’t appear to be any threat. Devon climbed up on the wall and came to see what he had been pointing at. Bex asked the boy again and again Devon pointed north.


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