Torture Chamber - R1

Torture chamber

Tc 001

;; Locations (rooms, doors, etc.) will be marked with a number or a number followed by an uppercase letter. For example, you are opening door 3B. Grids within an area will have an address beginning with a lowercase letter followed by a number. For example, the door Ice opened opens into c8.

Bex listened at the door but didn’t hear anything. He signaled for Ice to swing the door open. The door opened into a large room that appeared to serve as the goblins’ torture chamber judging from the rack taking center stage.

Goblin sharpshooter

There was an arc of three goblins (G1, G2, G3) with crossbows facing the door. Between the rack and brazier was something a bit larger than a goblin (O1) who was wearing black leather armor and a black leather mask. He was slightly twisted, watching the door while his body faced more toward the brazier.

There were a couple of empty tables in the room (including the one that looks like a cluttered desk). The goblin to the far right seem to be standing next to a cage or jail cell, the door of which was open. The corner holding the cell was currently out of sight.

“Toldja I smelt humans,” the torturer said in English to make sure the humans understood him.

Ice proceeded to engage with the middle goblin; the knight was hellbent on putting an end to the goblins’ plans of making whatever their version was of “leather-oriented adult entertainment”. As Ice rushed into the room, he found that there was another goblin (G6) tucked up against the wall (e8) next to an iron maiden. As Ice rushed to do battle, the hidden goblin jabbed the warrior with his spear (-4 hp). The gods of the realm must have heard Ice’s plea, because the goblin must have been too preoccupied with whatever dark kinky torture he was so used to. Ice’s longsword swept in a savage arc and sheared through armor, flesh and bone. (22 damage)

CB stepped to the left out of the line of sight from the door and readied her crossbow.

JohnM strained to focus his thoughts through the distractions and finally managed to grab on to the brazier with his funky skywalker ability (2 action points burned). He had just enough strength to pull the flaming thing off balance and send it crashing to the floor (on top of/right behind) the fellow in black. Coals fell and spread across the floor and the torturer’s feet (-2 hp, Reflex save needed to avoid further damage).

Bex takes a step to his left, so he can poke his gun around the corner, but not block the doorway. He’s pretty sure JohnE will be doing a flying kick towards the torture chamber regardless of who stands before it. He takes aim at whatever isn’t in melee (G1), and fires twice with his Glock (OMFG, 3 critical hits!!!) for a fairly massive amount of damage (39 points!) recreating a scene from Full Metal Jacket where Pyle blows his brains onto the wall behind him. The goblin’s brainless body fell to the ground.

JohnE was glad that Bex moved out of the way because just a split second later, he flew through the door. At first he went towards Goblin one, but realized by the shocked look on it’s blown off head, that it was already dead. In midair, he did a flip, realigning his foot with goblin #2 (Attk:24 Dmg:12). The kick snapped the goblin’s head back like a cheap shot from Floyd MayWeather and the goblin sprawled out unmoving.

Linora moved a few feet to see if she could get a glimpse of the room.

The Torturer (Def 16) was slower getting out of the red hot coals than he would have liked to have been and yelled some goblin curse words as his feet continued to be burned. He moved forward and swung two red-hot pokers at JohnE. One of them hit with a sizzle (-9 hp).

Goblin G3 (Def 16) lunged forward and stabbed Ice with a short sword (-5 hp). Goblin G6 moved outside the doorway blocking anyone else from simply walking through and to make his presence known, he stabbed Bex with a spear with all his might (-8 hp).

Since the goblin (G6) was so nice as to step to the front, mark takes aim with his x-bow and shoots…..hitting the ugly slimy bitch for 6 points of damage. “Maybe having Bex up there as a meat shield helps me shoot?” thinks Mark.


Guard room map2

The Bex Checks (a new cereal? – Bex Chex is an important part of a nutritional breakfast) turn up nothing out of the ordinary.

1A – Behind the door are stairs leading down.

1B and 2A – Both lead to what was probably used as a temporary storage room for incoming supplies. The crates that are left are pretty much useless, some reduced to splinters. Nothing of value is found and Mark doesn’t detect anything abnormal about the walls.

2B – Behind this door is another set of stairs leading down.

3A – An empty room with doors on each wall at the far end.


Guard room map585

The room south of CB is large but mostly empty except for a couple of nasty-ass cots.

“Let’s take some time to go through each room before venturing any further,” Ice suggested to the group. “I’d really like to find a map of this place. Maybe we could find something useful around.”

CB will look through the area carefully, making sure Ice or JohnE is there to back her up. She is not happy with the state of hygiene here but will look carefully (search +4, investigate +10) (She rolls a 2 + 4 = 6)

CB doesn’t find anything in the cot room of value or interest. The goblin bodies are quickly drug and dropped into the rat pit, who are extremely appreciative.

What’s next?

The curtain kept bugging Ice, so he decided to double check the passageway behind the curtain. Tapping along the masonry with his longsword, he hoped to find something which CB might have missed. (spot check: 2 + 4 = 6) The knight unfortunately came up with nothing and sheathed his sword.

After feeding the rats, Bex goes to check out the west wall. It could just be cover for arrows, or it could be a secret door. He taps around with his machete (spot check: 10 + 2 [Alertness] = 12), but isn’t quite sure what to look for. The wall seems sound. The passageway goes north 40 or 50 feet before opening up into a room. The room has doors on the north, east, and west walls.

Ice drew back the curtains so everyone could see the passageway behind.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” the guy yells.

Not really. The passageway leads to a room that appears to have some broken crates in it.

Sentry Room - R5

Goblins (Def: 17)

Goblin 2 took a step backwards, shot at Ice (;;; Does not provoke attack of opportunity), while looking back for an escape route. He was looking backward more than aiming and his bolt shattered against a wall.

Goblin 6 had similar thoughts. He jabbed at JohnE with his spear while taking a step backwards. JohnE dodged the spear thrust, stepped forward one square and followed up the dodge with a spinning kick to the goblin’s head (Attk:14+AP4=18, Dmg:7) “Didn’t I tell you to stay down!?”

New Map

With Goblin 2 out of melee with Ice, Bex takes aim and fires twice more (att: 23, 14), hitting the Goblin once (dam: 9). Slowly but surely he’ll whittle away at this guy… and hopefully he doesn’t run away and warn the rest of the keep! G2 wouldn’t be warning anyone because Bex’s shot took him down.

Ice took one last look at the goblin and shrugged. The knight then turned to Bex and gave him two thumbs up. “Looks like your firing skills have finally paid off!” Ice said to his mage pal before moving adjacent to JohnM.

Mark moves around the pit to support JohnE, firing his x-bow (seriously a roll of a 4? I"d LOVE to see the stats on the rolls I have gotten) watching his bolt go skipping down the hall. Maybe it’ll kill the errant spider on it’s path, but that is about it.

With “his” goblin taken out by Bex, JohnM figured he should help out JohnE with the other one before it could get away. As he dashed off, he asked CB, “Can you check out the end of the hallway and get a peek into the next room? If there was anything in there it would likely come at all the noise, but still be careful.” Then he sped off to cut of the goblin’s escape route. (2 movement actions, ending up in square beside G6 with scimitar drawn).

Sister Linora didn’t dare shoot into the melee so she dropped the crossbow and rushed forward striking the last goblin in the forehead with her three-section staff, splitting its head open. It fell to the ground, green blood flowing freely from the head wound.

The rats smelled the blood and continued begging.

CB stands ready with her crossbow, ready to plug any bad guys that come along. She wonders if Bex made enough noise with his pistol in the tight confines of the dungeon.

Sentry Room - R4

Goblins (Def: 17)

One goblin archer shot at Ice and the other shot at Mark. The shot at Ice hit (-8 hp) but the shot at Mark missed.

The surprise goblin tried to jab JohnE with a spear but the martial artist was too quick.

New Map

JohnE Gives Gobby #6 a big ole punch to the nose(Attk:21 Dmg:5) “Go down you smelly bastard!”

Bex lucks out once more, and scores a critical hit with his Glock (att: 20+5, 14+5), hitting Goblin #3 deep in the chest (dam: 17). He drops his weapon, and slowly slumps to the ground, dead. Yes, yes… the gods of chance have been smiling on Bex ever since he ditched his machete! His second shot was less accurate, but still struck Goblin #2 solidly (16+5ap, 11dam).

“I’ll distract them for you,” Ice said to JohnM as he flicked the black corruption off of his steel. The knight squared himself, barked out a wordless challenge to the farther of the two greenskins, and charged. In a flash, Ice’s longsword found its mark and once again drank of goblin blood.

Mark moves up next to Ice and lets fly at ugly #2 (15 + AP roll of 4) hitting him, or is it IT (-6hp)? Maybe nothing all that fancy in this stuff, but trying to figure out in the back of his mind what the hell is going on still!

JohnM stepped into the hallway with Ice (1 space SW) and fired his Glock at the other goblin (G2). He was fairly sure he missed but the stupid thing walked right into it (2 action points burned). He caught it in the shoulder (-5 hp) and hoped that he’d bought Ice some breathing room.

Linora moved to the entrance of the hallway where JohnE was fighting and fired a crossbow down the hallway, coming nowhere near to hitting the goblin.

The rats waited for someone to make an epic mistake.

CB readies her crossbow and moves so that she is 10 feet south of Ice, keeping a close eye out for any target that needs a crossbow bolt in its eye.

Sentry Room - R3

Goblins (Def: 17)

The head guard (?) grabbed his spear and jabbed at the spider but missed the cute little fiendish thing.

The guard directly up the hall from the spider (G2) had never visited and had no plans of ever doing such a thing. As if to prove his point, which really only he knew at this point, he shot a crossbow bolt straight through one eye and completely blew out the two eyes on the other side of his head. “Oh hai, eye dai.”

The crossbow carrier shot Ice as he was standing from his climb from the pit (bad form but -6 hp).

As JohnE ran past the entrance to the east hallway, a javelin zipped right behind him. The goblin up the hall (G6) hadn’t adjusted for the speed of JohnE’s movement.

New Map

Bex fires two more rounds at Goblin #3 (att: 18, 13) nicking him with a bullet (dam: 3). He then moves up past Mark and CB to get alongside Ice.

Ice’s eyes (uncharacteristically) spoke of murder as the knight drew his sword while moving to within striking range of the head guard (1 square East of G1). “I’m gonna go all Aragorn on your a$$, you inbred little freak,” Ice growled as his longsword swept towards the little green man. The knight scored a grievous blow to the creature’s neck (critical for 26 damage). Ice, surprised by the outcome, managed to milk that Kodak moment by pausing a bit for a pose as the creature’s head slid, then finally toppled off of the shoulders.

Mark levels another shot at #1, which of course ricochets around the room and has a better probability of hitting the rats in the pit than the goblin! (seriously, another fraking roll below 5!) And GM, I should be moved forward on the map in front of CB. thanks!

JohnM moved up into the room and around the first pillar north of the pit. After glancing down the south hallway to make sure nothing was coming form that direction (there’s not is there??), he drew a bead on the goblin that killed his cute little (killer) spider. The shot was true but at the last second the little bastard got his chest out of the way and only took the bullet on the shoulder of his off hand (-4hp).

Linora fired a crossbow bolt down the hallway, all the way down the hallway, past the goblins and into the next room.

The rats chattered away, sounding something like, “Please sir, can we have more?”

JohnE switched directions and charged Goblin 6 yelling, “Oh you did not just chuck that pig sticker at me!” Attk:24 Dmg:8 Uppercut across the goblin’s snout.

CB steps ten feet to the south and used her mental powers to heal her body a bit more (psi power lesser body adustment, heal 1 point and roll 5 with action point and loses a power point; 4 of 6 power points remain)

Sentry Room - R2

New Map

Goblins (Def: 17)

The guard grabbed another javeilin and chucked it at JohnE but the martial artist ducked it. Two more goblins came from a room behind the guard, armed with crossbows, and took a shot each at CB and JohnE. CB was hit again (-7 hp) and JohnE was able to avoid again.

Bex crouches a bit, squints his eyes and uses his new gunslinger skills to pump Goblin #3 with two bullets (att: 24, 25 / dam: 6, 4). He prays that not all Goblins are as tough as Irontooth, otherwise he knows this will be a quick fight… and not in the good way!

Ice groaned as he picked himself up from the pit floor. He was unsure on what was worse: being duped by a goblin or crushing several rats due to the fall. Sensing his buddies in trouble, he began climbing the pit wall (1d20 + 12 = 19. Success!). That goblin was gonna get some…

Mark moves forward and to the side 2 spaces to take a shot at Goblin #1. With great surprise, he easily hits the ugly creature (roll of 18 + 6 = 24, using “exploit weakness” for another +1, sorry the autofill for e-mail is still your old address Alan, remembered to change it for the damage roll). While the bolt flies true it seems to be a glancing blow (damamge 4).

Times being what they were, JohnM used his summoning magic to pull out something a little darker this time. After he pulled the strands of power together, a small, black, wicked-looking spider was standing amidst the goblins (Monstrous Spider, Small – N of G1). The spider (awwwww, it’s a cute little fiendish killer thing) spews out a sheet of webs to entangle the javelin wielder (attack roll – 7; what’s G1’s defense versus touch attack?).

Linora leaned to the side and fired another bolt at the original guard and nicked him (-2 hp).

The Rats chattered their frustration at being deprived of food but they kept their noses to the air, hoping someone would still fall in the pit.

JohnE fires his gun one more time, the (Attk:22 Dmg:6). He blows off the tip, reholsters and moves forward to the square two spaces north of Ice, within Charging distance of Goblin1, “Bullets are too good for this trash. Now you can taste my fists!”

CB stepped to the side, out of line of fire, in order to remove some damage from herself. Focusing her mind, she attempts to knit her flesh back together again (mental power lesser body adjustment, cure 1d8, roll a 7; then roll a DC 11 to avoid losing a power point, use an action point to aid the roll, roll of 23 with the action point; power points remain at 5/6)

Sentry Room

Goblin (holding his move to see what the Benders do)

Bex finds a crevice in the rubble at the top of the steps and waits for something to happen below.

Ice smiled and held up both his hands, palms forward, in a gesture of peace. (But in reality readied a charge in response to any hostile action the goblin might make against any of the other Benders; his hands were positioned for maximum grappling efficiency.)

Mark sits tight, nervously holding his x-bow



JohnE really only wants to put his fist through the goblin but settles for a bullet instead. Attk+AP=20, Dmg=8

CB steps forward and to the side of Ice, slowly moving further from Ice as she talks, so as to get Ice out of the goblin’s peripheral vision while she blathers at the creature. She trusts Ice to clobber the thing as soon as the time is right in his judgement. “Greetings Warrior of the Ruined Keep” she says, bowing as to an inferior "We seek an audience with Lord Kalarel. It seems he sends incompetent underlings to deal with us. We wish to speak with him, and present gifts to prove the truth of our words – gold and other sweet treasures. The Great Lord has sent us the password, “From the ground, some magic was found” to demonstrate our nature to you and to allow us to pass such a fine guardian as yourself" She continues in this tone, while using the mental power DISTRACT, will save negates, DC13, lasts 2 minutes while she talks, goblin is -1 to listen, spot, search and sense motive checks while distracted. Uses one power point, 5 remain today. CB also has bluff +8 to assist in keeping the goblin’s attention on her and sense motive +4 to see if her con is working.

The goblin listens to CB, looking around as if hoping to find someone else to decide what to do. When CB finishes her request, the goblin waves her and Ice forward and says, “I’ll take you to Lord Kalarel.” He turns and starts to walk down the passageway.

Ice took a moment to focus before he drew his longsword. Pacing his steps, he swept his blade at the hopefully still oblivious goblin.

Halfway across the room, the floor beneath Ice gave way and both the warrior and the painted material fell into a pit that was centered between the columns (-4 hp). Ice crushed a few rats when he landed but by the looks of the glowing yellows eyes surrounding him, there were probably dozens more trapped in the pit with him.

The goblin used the sound of Ice crashing into the pit as a signal. He spun and chucked his javelin at CB while yelling something in Goblinese at the top of his lungs, which might have been something like “Intruders,” or if loosely translated, “Die you lying, traitorous bitch!” Goblin idioms can be difficult to put into English words. Whatever it meant, the point of the javelin was clear as it hit the psychic (-6 hp).

With the loud crash and obvious cry of pain that hails from the room, Mark moves down the steps and checks things out, seeing the obvious he takes aim at the ugly and fires. AS typical, he fires at the random rat scurrying around the room instead of hitting his mark.

Figuring that surprise was less likely now than Kalarel choking on rainbows, JohnM and Bex looked at each other, drew their Glocks, and shot the goblin. And both of them missed badly. This was not off to an auspicious beginning…

Linora fired her crossbow at the goblin but it missed.

;;; New post soon.

New Map

Love What You've Done With The Place

Ice and CB walked down the stairs and the subtle coolness that they could feel before turned into a very palpable cold that seemed to swirl around their feet. As they went further down, it was like taking those first steps into a swimming pool, where the cold seems to climb your body and you hope that you grow accustomed to it.

At the bottom of the stairs was a large square room, probably 30 feet across, and symetrically planned. There were 3 exits, each on the center of the other walls, and four pillars running from floor to ceiling as if they had been carved out of the rock and left in place to hold up the roof. There was a torch on each of the pillars, flickering the area with light.

The only thing that didn’t match up was the lone goblin in the passageway across the room watching them. There was a spear and several javelins leaning up against the wall next to him and he had one javelin in his hand. He stared at the two Benders intently.


;;; Roll for initiative just in case things don’t go well. MUahahahahahahahahaha

Come In! The Door's Open

CB and Ice walked up the footpath with the rest of the Benders trailing behind a bit. When they got inside the first wall, they saw a couple of Blood Rose bushes to their left, growing along the wall.

Blood rose

Viola had clearly risked life and limb to get the roses. As much as she charged for them, it was probably too little. CB and Ice could see the opening in the ground from here, which meant that someone coming out of the hole in the ground could see someone at this point. Florists in this world had the heuvos of base jumpers from back home.

The two continued walking forward, acting as much like they belonged there as possible, while believing that a tribe of goblins was going to come rushing out of the hole to kill them. The rest of the Benders clung to the walls to give support if needed, as quickly as possible.

When they got to the hole in the ground, they could see that there was a staircase leading down. The entrance had stones across is somewhat, restricting the immediate entrance to about feet feet wide. The stones were a few feet thick and beyond that, the staircase was 10 feet wide, as it had been built.

A chill can be felt coming from the staircase, probably just because it’s cooler underground than up here on the surface (yeah, right). CB and Ice could see the bottom of the staircase, probably about 20 feet underground. It flattened out into a landing or room and there was a distinct flickering, as if the area was lit by fire, maybe torches or possibly a firepit where the goblins roast intruders.

CB leans over to Ice and whispers “so, bang on a wall and demand a proper honor guard escort or sneak on down?”

“I’m guessing the entrance proper would be located underground,” Ice replied. “Kalarel wouldn’t want to announce his immediate presence in the area by posting too many sentries above ground; the scroll we got from Ninaran/Leisha indicated that he was not to be interrupted. We should probably continue on until something or someone hampers our progress. …Like a password sealed door.” He then glanced back at the wall where the Blood Roses grew. “I wonder if those flowers are more than just pretty, and expensive, plants…”

;;;I’ll make a spot check on the area where the Blood Roses grow. I don’t think they get their name from just being pretty. (roll: 11) If nothing seems off then I’ll go pick some before going down.

Ice doesn’t notice anything special about the roses but it is possible that they get their name for more than their looks. ;;; Their significance to this point in the game is something that happened prior to you joining the game. The roses are Linora’s favorite flower and Bex bought a dozen from Viola in order to give money to viola and roses to Linora in the hopes of getting information (and a bit of sump’n-sump’n) from the women.

With a significant glance around her and a wink to the hidden Benders, CB will motion for Ice to lead the way down the stairs. She walks with her head up (unless the ceiling is low) and will look haughty and imperious.


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