Chief R3

Goblins continued to pour out of the northern passageway completely replacing all of the goblins that had been killed by the Benders and then some. Shortswords and spears jabbed all around and JohnE was hit again (6 hp) but Ice and JohnM were able to avoid the pointy parts. At the end of the southern hallway, a goblin that had to be the chief from Splug’s description (O2) stepped through the door with a crossbow ready. He was trying to find a clearing to fire but none presented itself so he held his fire for the moment.

Chief r3

“Scratch that! I think we’re better off sticking together,” Ice said to the rest of the Benders as he saw what looked to be a deleted scene from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ film. The knight then shifted a few steps (into A5), raised his sword and delivered an overhead slash meant to cleave the goblin (G7) in two. Ice’s blade, however, only managed to land a scoring, but still painful, body blow. (ATK: 20, DMG: 7) He looked over to Bex and wondered if the resident wizard could pull off a Gandalf-esque stunt with some magic spell.

Linora was not in a position where she could do much to help at the moment.

Mark says “jesus, like cockroaches or Sioux fans, they just won’t go away!” He then lines up on G2 and lets fly (14+5=19) hitting for 7 damage.

JohnE winds up and wallops P4(Attk:15+AP1:3=18 Dmg:5, “Where is a flamethrower when you need one?” The goblin’s face caved in and he dropped to the ground. This created just the opportunity the chief was looking for and he fired his crossbow. In trying to avoid hitting his own people, he avoided hitting anyone.

CB tried her concussion ring on the chief but it didn’t have near the effect that she was hoping (8 hp).

JohnM liked how well the fan of flame seemed to clear some breathing room (if you didn’t mind breathing in vaporized goblin). So he let fly with one of his own. (Burning hands – G2, P4, G5 – 10hp damage). P4 was already down. With the damage the two goblins had already sustained, JohnM’s flames were enough to finish the job.

Since it worked so well last time, Bex decides to whip out another burning hands spell at the goblin horde to the North, hitting P3, P11, and P12 for 16 points of damage… and probably scaring the shit out of P8!

;;; Next post in a bit.

Green: Def 17
Pink: Def 16
Orange: Def 17

Chief R2

Ringing the bell was like kicking an ant pile. Goblins came pouring out from doors and the closed curtain.

Chief r2

The bell ringer dropped the bell, grabbed his spear, and lunged at Ice but missed in his haste. Three of the goblins, 1 from the north passageway and 2 from the south, all armed with shortswords swarmed JohnE. In the frenzied attack, one of them was able to score a hit (-4hp). Another looked as if he was on target but JohnE felt the blade coming, with the help of Linora’s spell, and was able to dodge it.

Ice made a quick slash at the closest goblin (G1) (ATK: 22, DMG: 12). “I’ll try to break through and take them from behind!” he yelled.

Linora reached forward and touched Splug. “Stay,” she said softly. Splug, who had been shifting from foot to foot trying to figure out if he should do something and which side he should join if he did something, stopped moving completely.

Mark sees the frenzy of goblins and decides to help his friends in the room, trusting his friends near him to deal with the local “manace”. He shifts forward one square and lines up a shot on G2 (18+5=23) for 9 damage. Knowing his luck at shooting his x-box will start to fail him again in the near future, he’s glad he is at least hitting the mark right now.

Fists whipping away like a human tornado JohnE tears into the goblin in front of him(P1) with hammering blows (Attk: 22 Dmg). The hammering blow caved in ribs, which in turn punctured a lung. The goblin looked confused, then scared, then dead.

CB stretched out an arm with a clenched fist aiming down the hall at the far goblin (G5). Bex, Mark, and Linora heard CB say “Boom!” but no one else in the hallways or room heard it because it was drowned out by an actual boom centered on the goblin, who took a step back from the blow (12 hp).

JohnM stepped forward to keep the goblins from flanking JohnE and let his scimitar flash. The goblin (P2) was slashed diagonally across his body (7hp) with the scimitar leaving an arc of blood along the ceiling and wall and leaving the goblin dead.

Bex is a bit unsure what to do, but knows he’s pretty much useless way in the back. He moves as far forward as close as he can get to JohnM. When in the front, he lets fly with a burning hands on the goblin horde, angled to cause as much damage as possible! (13 dam) Because the Johns killed the goblins ahead of them, Bex’s best chance was to attack the goblins to the north (G1 and P6). The flames shot out and killed both goblins.

;;; Next post in a bit.

Pink has a defense of 16.
Green has a defense of 17.

Chief R1

The guard (Def 17) that was in sight jumped out of his chair and grabbed a crossbow from the table in front of him. He spun a let the bolt fly. The way the bolt skittered and bounced along the floor, it was hard to tell who the guard may have been aiming at.

From somewhere around the corner, a bell started to ring.

Ice did his best Conan impression and shouted his battlecry: “Crom wants his doughnuts, you little green bastards!” Crom must have heard the knight, for the goblin, momentarily stunned by the sight of the charging knight (or perhaps he was simply wondering what a doughnut was), soon felt the full force of the blade’s hit. Ice’s attack would have made Conan proud. (Critical hit: 31 ATK, 14 DMG)

Sister Linora reached out and touched JohnE and although he didn’t see anything happen, he somehow felt more protected (+3 Def).

Mark moves up to w/in 6 squares of the little bastid and lets fly with his x-box, hitting him (16+5=21) for 9 damage, manically giggling that he actually shot better then the guard. The visible guard took the bolt in the chest and died.

JohnE runs forward to look for more bad guys. And sees one more goblin in the room, ringing the dang bell. There is a table with some battered cards on it and two chairs. ;;; Map will hopefully be showing up tonight.

Chief r1

;;; Y3 is Splug. The arches are actually closed doors. There is another curtain in the upper right hand hand corner of the guard room.

CB couldn’t see much of the action at the moment but she knew it was about to get very interesting. She readied her sling to deal with any reinforcements that showed up.

JohnM moved up along with JohnE and Ice with his scimitar drawn. “There’s no way they didn’t hear all that in the next room.” So he reached out with “the force” (Mage Hand) and pushed the curtain aside to see what was on the other side. “Better to see what’s ahead when we aren’t within short range.”

Bex holds his action until the beginning of next round… hopefully when something plows through the doors, he’ll get a few shots off!

PPD: 12/13 @ 3pm MST


The passage goes for nearly a hundred feet before it opens up into some kind of room. When the Benders were about 30’ from the room, there heard a scraping noise, a chair sliding on stone and then saw a not-too-concerned goblin looked down the passageway while leaning back in the chair. He was obviously expecting to see goblins coming down the hallway from the look on his face at seeing the Benders and his exclamation, which even in Goblinese sounded a lot like, “Awww shiiit!”

Chief hallway guard

The goblin guard is at the spot marked with a “G”. The lead Benders are at the red arrow when they see him. The blue squiggle is a heavy curtain.

;;; Roll initiative.

I’ll be making two changes to the game here.

First is just a return to posting deadlines and the regular awarding of posting points. I have contented myself this semester to just be the person not holding up the game but as the DM, I actually need to be the person driving the game.

Second, I am going to make some changes behind the scenes to combat based on the importance and possible necessity of technical strategy for each battle. I will increase damage dealt and healed by some factor for less important, potentially straight forward combat. Combat is always the bogging down point of online gaming so I am going to attempt to shorten up the less important battles.

Posting Point Deadline (PPD): 12/9 @ 3pm MST

Chief or Excavation

“Chief?” Ice asked Splug. “Was your chief, um, partial to a mask and tight-fitting leathers? And I believe you haven’t answered my question about the previous band of adventurers’ ‘business’ around here.”

“The chief is a fat, pompous ass whose leathers are tight-fitting because he eats more than armor can hold. As for the business of the previous humans, who can say when speaking of humans? Perhaps they thought there was gold to be had or maybe they were bored and wanted some sport.”

Guard room map2

;;; Where are you headed now?


The Benders didn’t have to walk far. The hallway was probably about 100 feet long and had three 20 × 20 cells on the north wall. In the middle cell was a goblin.

“I thought you forgot about me,” he said. “Who’s got the key?”

Mark asks “who are you and why did they lock you up?” I want to give this slimy toad a good look over to make sure he has no weapons.

“Splug’s the name and they locked me up on mere suspicion, I tell ya. Some rumor floating about that I was helping humans. Can you imagine that? No offense, you know, but still, can you imagine that?”

CB steps forward with a sneer on her face. “You are a goblin, so it is obvious you are a lying pig. You are a coniving, stealing cheat who robbed his buddies and ended up here.” She pauses to stare at him a bit, then continues “Tell us what you know of this complex and the Necromancer who runs it, and we may let you go….otherwise, you will rot in here while we kill everyone else and take what pathetic treasure we can find” [deliberately provoking a tough stance, diplomacy plus 8, sense motive plus 4, gather info plus 9, use an action point to assist the rolls]

“Lying pig? This is how you greet people? Look, I can show you around this place but not from in here obviously. Let me out and I’ll guide you around. I’ll even waive the usual fee considering the “rot in here” option."

Leaving the rest of the party to decide the prisoner’s fate, Ice grinned a bit at the prospect of leaving the goblin to rot in the cell. He then put on his most off putting scowl as he drew his sword from its sheath. Taking out a set of old rags, Ice began to clean and oil the blade while making sure his gaze was directed at the goblin’s general direction.

JohnM wasn’t much in the mood for bandying words. “Frankly, no I can’t believe you’d help humans. We’ve not exactly had friendly responses from goblinkin around here. But maybe if you told us the circumstances surrounding these ‘accusations of helpfulness’, we might be disposed to let you out of the box, under guard of course. Usefulness would be rewarded with eventual release, but betrayal would separate your head from your neck.” With that, he reached a hand over and grabbed Ice on the shoulder. Never taking his eyes off the goblin, he summoned power from the stones and elements around him. Ice caught on to what was happening but instead of the ice water bath he was expecting, he felt like he’d touched a door knob after walking across thick carpet. The jolt arced visibly (but painlessly) from wound to wound, leaving pale unmarked skin behind in many places (+12 hp).

“Yes, of course,” Splug said. “See, I was captured by a group of truly unsavory humans, who threatened to kill me if I didn’t lead them back to here. So I did and they were killed by the guards and fed to the rats. This hardly seems like helping humans but T said I should have let them kill me rather than lead them here. I think I’ll postpone death as long as possible, thankyouverymuch.”

Splug’s mentioning of another group of humans piqued Ice’s interest. “Wow, really now? You mean my erstwhile friends down in the pit forced you to lead them here, only to be killed by the guards? They must have been really inept, or some kind of treachery was involved…” The knight finished wiping off his sword and sheathed it before turning his full attention to the imprisoned goblin. “And what, do pray tell, were they after in the first place? I find it quite unusual for a place such as this to simply be sought out by some random bunch of ne’er-do-wells.” Ice’s eyes narrowed before he posed his next question: “How did you get ‘captured’ anyways?” Ice then cast a side glance to CB, hoping the psion would be able to pick out any inconsistencies in Splug’s response if there were any.

“Ventured to close to North Road,” Splug answered. “Wanted to see who was travelling that day when I should have stayed where I belong.”

MARK asks “and where did you belong?”

“Here,” Splug answered. “At least I did until I became an outcast.”

“Chief?” Ice asked Splug. “Was your chief, um, partial to a mask and tight-fitting leathers? And I believe you haven’t answered my question about the previous band of adventurers’ ‘business’ around here.”

Torture Chamber - R5

Tc 005

Seeing that all left standing was the little goblin, Ice decided to (try to) end the fight then and there with a quick but clumsy swing. (ATK: 15 + 2 from AP) The knight still had a lot of knighting to do around as his overeagerness almost made him miss the target. Thankfully his foot slipped a bit and the extra “lunge” made all the difference in the world (DMG: 9).

CB continues to watch the hallway and be a rearguard for the parry.

JohnM figured that if Ice, JohnE, and Linora couldn’t finish off one lonely little goblin then they were all screwed anyway. With the breathing space he had, he decided to scour the bodies of the fallen goblins to see if they had anything useful on them. Not like, as they were goblins but what the hey. In a sec he’d need to help Linora patch up the frontline guys and he felt, strongly, that he wanted to stay down close to the floor with Mark shooting bolts into combat…

Bex whips out his trusty machete once more, and plods ahead to the square just south of Ice. With a mighty swing, his machete connects with a meaty THUNK! Right in the collarbone with a critical hit, bitches! (nat 19, next roll 9, 6hp damage).

;;; As odd as it seems to write this . . .

Bex’s machete strike into the collar bone was enough to put the goblin down.

Everyone stared in disbelief for an extra round.

JohnM went back to looting the bodies and from down the hallway (at the exit under the numbers 5 and 6), there was a hesitant call, “Hello . . .”

CB will walk to the exit and, using a torch lit from the burning embers, see what is in there. “Hello?” she calls back. (using +8 diplomacy as necessary, if you can get that from 1 word).

“Any chance someone could find the keys to this cell?” the voice asked.

JohnM had gathered up 50 silver and 55 gold pieces and a key. There wasn’t anything else visible of value except maybe the Torturer’s hide armor. It was hide so not great but it was in pretty good shape and might be worth something in this world.

“We found a key,” says Bex, “it might work. What’s your name? And how did you get here?”

“Bralwer and I got here because some rat bastard traitors put me in here and if the gods are just, they are lying in pools of their own blood as you keep me yelling down this hallway.”

Sister Linora folded up her staff and moved over to Ice, touching him on the arm. By now, Ice had become used to the bucket of cold water dumped on his nerves when Linora healed him. (14 hp). Then she took a step and did the same for JohnE and ready as he thought he was, he still gasped when his nerves were flash-freezed (23 hp!). For Bex, CB, and Mark, she used no magic but just her muggle healer skills along with some kind of herbal ointment (+5 hp to Bex, CB and Mark are at full hp).

“I know you are still hurt warrior,” she said to Ice, “and believe me when I say that I will be watching you closely but I feel that I must reserve further magical healing to see what this day brings.”

“Hello?” came the voice down the hallway.

Bex gestures to JohnE and JohnM to head down the hallway with him towards the prisoner… JohnE since he’s a blood-soaked tank, and JohnM since he’s got the key! (unless there’s something else worth investigating, we might as well all go?) Bex darkens his face, and activates Frightful Presence. He’s not taking any chances that this could be a ruse… it could be an ambush: he doesn’t recall seeing prisoner cells. Even if there is a cell, if these creatures are not covered in poker-sized burn holes, they’re probably spies. Even in the best case scenario, these monsters are unlikely to be mans-best-friend… so intimidating the shit out of them might be the best course.

“Keep talking: we’ll follow your voice,” he says, as they head out.

Torture Chamber - R4

Tc 004

Ice took advantage of the chaos caused my John E’s flying fists and went for another slash intended for the goblin. The knight’s steel found a chink in the little green man’s armor as the blade scored its hit. (ATK: 18, DMG: 9)

CB, seeing that there are enough folks beating on the remaining goblin, steps back to put her back to the hallway and keep watch over the rear of the party, to make sure no one is creeping up on them.

JohnM figured not being able to connect in one place was as good as not being able to connect in another. (;;Perhaps better if he could activate a flanking bonus…) So, scimitar in hand, he ran into the room, around the table and set himself up across from Ice (is that d3 or e3?) next to the big ugly with the pokers. (;;Not enough movement points to get there an still attack but at least he’ll get the +2 next round.)

Bex steps into the room, and puts his back against the wall (B8). He points a finger at the Torture Goblin (O1) and wells up a Ray of Frost, attempting to extinguish his hot pokers… but the ray misses it’s mark (att: 8)

After dodging away from the errant Ray of Frost, JohnE leans back in with a wallop to the side of Torture boys head. (Attk:19 Dmg:9)

Linora moved to where she could fight with Ice. The jail cell kept her from getting around to flank the goblin and her three-section staff bounced off the open cell door instead of the goblin’s head.

The Torturer swung the pokers at JohnE again, branding the martial arts with one of them (-6 hp).

The Goblin slashing at Ice flinched when Linora clanged her staff against the cell door and the short sword bounced harmlessly off of Ice’s shield.

Still exploiting the torturer’s weaknesses, mark shoots him again (att 22, dam 3), putting another bolt into him. It was enough to take the Torturer to the ground, one arm flopping out onto the hot coals.

Tc 004.5

;;; Included this shot because you couldn’t fully appreciate it from the overhead shot.

Torture Chamber - R3

Tc 003

;;; I put the bottom of a doorframe in place to make it clear where the door is on the map.

The knight brought up his longsword and swept it in a hard overhead slash. The hit was almost turned by the goblin’s helm, but Ice’s sheer determination caused the blade to hit home. (2 APs burned! ATK 12 + 1 + 6) The sickening squelch and crunch of steel biting into flesh and bone was heard by all in the room. (11 DMG)

CB drops her crossbow and draws her staff, striking hard at the goblin in front of her (roll of 10 plus 2 for an action point for a total of 12; 6 damage if there is a hit). The goblin fell back against the wall, sliding down to a slumped heap.

JohnM tried to skewer the goblin on his scimitar again, but the weaselly little bastard skipped out of the way again. (attack of 9).

With the Goblin occupied with Mark, Bex hauls off and REALLY nails the Goblin (22, 6dam).

JohnE slaps the Torturer across the face, “What’s wrong with you? Is this really the way you wanted your life to end up?” Attk:13+4Ap=17 Dmg:8

Linora stepped past the the goblin against the wall and into the room where she would be able to offer her skills in the next round.

The Torturer (Def 16) swung the red hot pokers at JohnE and this time, he managed to hit the martial artist with both of them (-16 hp). “Brok, did you say you liked your humans medium rare or should I cook him some more?”

Brok (Def 16) swung at Ice but missed (probably thinking about how he likes his humans cooked).

With his obstruction out of the way, Mark slides into the room. He seems to sense the flow in the room as things slow down and he analyzes the Torturer and determines a weakness in the defense of the creature (Exploit weakness DC 15, roll 18). He lines up a shot and looses at the Torturer (CRIT 19+7=26, crit attack: 17+7=24 for 11+10=21 dam). Thinking “HOT DAMN!”

Torture Chamber - R2


Ice’s wounds were now apparent from the multitude of pokes and stabs he had just suffered from the annoying green bastards. The knight briefly considered which of the two combatants was to taste his steel. Since he was feeling pretty vengeful (and mean), Ice decided that the little guy to his right should die first. He made a quick step (5 foot step to 4H) to position himself behind the goblin and open up more options for John E (hint hint). His longsword then thrust towards the goblin, but Ice telegraphed his intentions too much and missed!

CB realizes she can do very little at this point, as she cannot really even see the fight through the door and crowd of people moving back and forth, shouting and cursing. She moves to the left, putting her back against the wall and acting as a rearguard for the group.

JohnM took advantage of CB stepping to the side to move forward (5’ step to her old spot), draw his scimitar and hack at the goblin in their midst. Unfortunately, he had seen Bex thrash around with his machete a few times to often and, while he didn’t drop the sword, those around him might wish that he had (rolled a 6. including the +3…)

Bex draws the goblin back towards him, to try to make a gap for others to enter the room and aid Ice and JohnE. Fighting defensively, he swings with his machete at misses… although luckily he does not injure himself in the process!

JohnE shift to the right side of R#1 and punches out(Attk:21 Dmg:10)

Linora used her three-section staff with practiced precision scoring a solid blow (-8hp) on the goblin trying to kill Bex.

The Torturer (Def 16) lashed out at JohnE with the red hot pokers but missed with both of them.

The Goblin (Def 16) near the cell stabbed Ice heartily with his short sword (-8hp).

The Goblin outside the torture chamber spun his spear and jabbed Mark with it (-4hp).

Mark takes a shot with his x-bow and HITS (crit hit of 19, secondary roll of 14, -3hp to G6, unless I get max damage for the first crit, then it’s 11). Hopefully this puts the slimy bastard down! It was a good hit (-11hp) but it did not quite put the slimy bastard down.

;;; New round coming up as soon as I get the pic uploaded.


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