Rous R3

JohnM Struggled back to his feet, managed to dislodge his scimitar from the stones, and then concentrated on fending off any rats in his vicinity. (Total Defense, +4 to defense)

Seeing the icky ratblood on his sword, Ice opted to follow JohnE’s example and brought a crushing boot down on one of the scurrying nasties. The rat was patiently waiting for the big human to make his move, however, and made a horrendously loud squeak that caught Ice unawares. Ice wavered just before his heel came crashing down on stone, bringing tears (of pain) to the knight’s eyes. (ATK: rolled a 1)

Bex fires multiple bolts again, but the little (rat) bastards are too dang small, and too dang quick.

The remaining rats darted off into the darkness from whence they came.

JohnE grabas a retreating rat and swings it by the tail and chucks him into the nearest wall(Attk23: Dmg:8) killing it.

;;; What are you going to do now?

Ice frowned a bit at the thought of leaving Splug defenseless. “I’ll carry him around,” he offered. “It isn’t too much trouble for me anyways, and he could still be of use to us. Who knows, maybe he’ll feel indebted to us once he regains consciousness. If not and he decides to run off again or attack us, I’ll personally wring the wretch’s neck.” Ice then searched Splug’s inert form for any hidden items/weapons before hefting the gobbo up in a fireman’s carry.

“Alrighty, off we go then.”

PPD: Monday 5/7/12 @ 7am MST


JohnM aimed for the ROUS that got away last round and had it dead to rights. But when he plunged his scimitar down at the thing, it danced easily out of the way. He had thrown all his weight behind the blow, and when the blade dug into the dirty soil between the floor stone and lodged, his chest slammed into the pommel and left him floundering and gasping for breath. (Rolled a 1…)

Ice, upon seeing one of the rats take interest in JohnM’s impression of a fish out of water (or, rather, a winded Bender out of his native plane), made a quick swipe with his blade towards the distracted pest. The rat was stretched out whilst sniffing at JohnM, and consequently took steel to its underside (ATK: 16, DMG: 14) making it a rat-ka-bob.

Despite being the rat-b-q master a moment ago, this time Bex is unable to hit anything in the current swarm of vermin… but at least avoids a fumble!

The rats (Def 15) continued to dart in and out of stalagmites nipping at people. They were trying to keep them confused, which seemed to be working, while wearing them down. CB and Splug were bitten. CB shrugged it off (this the first time she’s been injured!?!) but Splug had been bitten several times before the Benders started their rescue attempt and with this one, he slumped to the ground giving in to the weariness and blood loss.

Mark fires again, emulating the rat-ka-bob but with a nice bolt. All the while thinking that “rat on a stick” TM just wouldn’t go over well at the state fair. (att 17, dam 9)

CB made a wild swing and hit a stalagmite.

Linora whipped the three-section staff around and crushed the skull of another rat.

Splug laid on the floor and bled.

As a rat tried to run past JohnE, the martial artist launched a powerful front kick to the underside of the rat’s body. The kick broke some ribs and launched the rat into the air. The creature, gasping to regain its breath, came down on top of a stalagmite, making another rat-ka-bob.

PPD: Thursday 5/3/12 @ 10am MST


With one of the rat bastards in his personal space, JohnM let the crossbow hang in its shoulder strap, drew his scimitar and tried to skewer it on his scimitar. But the vermin dodged out of the way and he just stabbed the ground (rolled a 5…).

PETA would so be breathing down our necks should they hear of what we’re doing here,” Ice mumbled as he struck at the vermin closest to him. But the knight’s swing once again went awry. Inside Ice was crying…


Rats darted in and out of the Benders nipping here and there. Most of the bites missed or didn’t penetrate clothing and armor. Mark was bitten twice (-6 hp) during the frenzy.

SCREW PETA!” Mark yells nailing a ROUS with a bolt from his cross bow (9 dam). “DIE VERMIN, DIE!” The rat yielded to Mark’s power word command.

CB whacked another one on top of the head, killing it.

Linora whipped the three-section staff around but missed everything.

Splug made another wild kick but miss again.

With a running start JohnE punts a rat across the room (Dmg 9)

Rat Bastard!

From the north, where you came into this cavern, you hear cursing and some sort of struggle. It may be your ex-prisoner.

The Benders moved to the north to find the source of the struggle. As they rounded the corner of the room, they could see that the escapee had been set upon by four giant rats. Poor bastard was getting all tore up and he was only about five feet from the stairway to freedom.

JohnM pulled his crossbow around, steadied himself (it would be shame to hit the goblin by mistake [-1 action point]) and let fly with a bolt that caught one of the rats solidly in the midsection (-6 hp) killing it. “Looks like you’ve got one avenue with moderately better survival odds, goblin. Take your pick.”

The knight leapt into the furry melee. Ice swept his longsword downwards like a flyswatter. The rat, however, had the reflexes of those darned flying pests, and so was able to dodge the attack.

Rats seemed to appear out of thin air, darting out from behind rocks and dropping from stalactites. There were dark shapes, sharp teeth, and lots of chaos as the ROUSs darted about nipping at people. Splug, JohnM, Ice, Mark, and Bex (X2) were all bitten (-3 hp).

Time to play “whack a rat”™
mark takes aim at one of the ROUs and let’s fly….missing horribly…(a 6, yes a miserable 6)…watching for weaknesses for his next shot (exploit weakness).

CB swung her quarterstaff with her might and thumped a rat on the head, killing it. She tried not to look too surprised since she never fought with the quarterstaff and wasn’t very good with it.

In contrast, Linora whipped the three-section staff around deftly and struck out with one end catching a rat that was dashing past her in the side of the head. Its legs buckled and it skidded to a dead stop.

Splug kicked wildly at one of the rats but came closer to hitting a stalagmite than the rat.

JohnE flails about wildly at the rat, but alas, ’tis on flailing. Attk:11

Bex pulls two arrows from his quiver, and in quick succession creates two rat-kebabs (22 and 14).

Acid Hole

Ice grabbed the flask and the wooden cylinder and made a leap for the shore. The water exploded upward and mixed with the water was some kind of blue slimy stuff that Ice travelled through on his jump ( -9 hp ). Ice fell a little short of the edge with a splash and a loud thud, his feet and knees in the water and his torso up on land.

Bex and JohnE both grabbed an arm and started pulling Ice up on the beach, hoping the acid hadn’t eaten away the bottom half. Luckily, Ice’s legs were still attached when he was pulled out of the water.

For their trouble, a couple blue tendril-like appendages shot out of the water. The tendrils didn’t taper like normal tendrils but were blunt and rounded instead. Bex was hit in the side of the head by one of the tendrils, which was like getting hit with Tyson’s hook (-12 hp). JohnE briefly gave some thought to the strategy of blocking the punch with his face but ducked instead.

JohnE and Bex helped Ice to his foot and pushed him forward with the rest of the Benders following them up the stairs. Mark fired a bolt into the water between the tentacles hoping to hit whatever body was host of the tentacles before backing out of the room with the rest of the group.

Once they were outside the pool area with the doors shut, JohnM tried to treat the acid burn on Bex’s face with stuff from his medkit but nothing seemed sufficient to the task. So he pulled on the magical energies around him and was gratified to see some of the worst of the injury lessen and disappear (+6hp).

The door closed and nothing tried battering it down, although with acid tentacles, maybe the creature could go under the door. Ice checked out his treasure. The flask contained some kind of liquid that when he held it out for Linora to smell was announced to be a potion of healing. The wooden cylinder was a heavy duty map or scroll case. Inside the scroll case was a map of the area around Winterhave keep that showed the locations of this destroyed keep, the dig where the boy was rescued, and the waterfall lair. There was also a parchment that read:

“Remember, don’t wet the nodule — unless Kalarel is not receptive to the offer. Then, wet it only from a distance, and then, turn and run. Water will bring the creature out of its dormancy, and it will consume anything it can reach.”

There was a second parchment that read:

“Greetings, Kalarel,

I have recently learned of your activity in the area and have an offer for you. During your time in this region, if you should capture any humanoids, we are eager to buy them. We have duergar allies in Thunderspire in need of slave stock. If you are interested, send an envoy back to me. My messengers will show the way.

Chief Krand of the Bloodreavers"

Area map

Watering Hole

Fungus-coated stairs lead down into a natural cavern. Much of the chamber is filled with a stagnant pool of brackish water. A patch of land rises from the foul water at the pool’s center. On this little island, bones, spilled coins, and other small objects are visible among the carpet of fungus.

Water room

Ice used his sword to test for the bottom of the pool. At the edge of the pool, it appeared that the dry ground he was standing on dropped straight down to a depth of about 8 – 12 inches. Tapping the bottom of the pool moving out away from where Ice was standing, the slope seemed to be pretty steep but it probably wasn’t more than 3 or 4 feet deep between Ice and the island.

Looking around and seeing nothing out of the ordinary, Ice made the jump to the island, landing amid the scattered items and fungus. He turned around and smiled at the group.

A couple of large air bubbles popped at the surface of the water near the north wall.

“Errr…” was all Ice could say as he noticed the disturbance in the water. He quickly scanned the island for anything of use. There were silver and gold coins mixed in the fungus, bones that looked humanoid but not human proportioned, a flask, a shield, and a wooden cylinder. Ice glanced at the west wall but didn’t see any openings or doors.

Large air bubbles came to the surface near the island and popped, letting loose an unbelievable stench like the Kraken had let one rip. ;;; Ice roll Will save, DC 13.

Ice’s brows furrowed at first as the first few wisps of gas hit his nostrils. But just after a few seconds of taking in the full force of the mystery odor, his eyes rolled up to their whites as he began to gag and retch. (Will Save: 1, burned 6 APs: 14) At least the mushrooms benefited from the knight’s most recent meal. Ice wiped his mouth a moment later as his head cleared; his empty stomach seemed to bother him more than the noxious gas swirling around him.


East leads to a large area that appears to have nothing interesting in it beyond the stalagmites and stalactites. It looks like there used to be a passageway to the south but a cave-in blocks the way now.

Ice lead the group around the natural caverns while everyone looked for signs of danger or anything of interest. Ice went back to the west and then to the south where he found a set of double doors, which obviously didn’t seem like a normal part of a natural cavern.

Working map

@SW Do the doors look like they have some kind of keyhole/locking mechanism,? Anything unusual?(Aside from being situated underground.) Signs of recent activity?

The double doors are made of bronze that are green with age and stained blue and purple with a thinck layer of fungus. Scratched into the fungus is some writing. Linora reads it out loud to the group.

“Stay out! No, really. Stay out.”

The doors do not appear to have any type of locking mechanism. No sounds come from within.

What's in the Basement?

At the bottom of the stairs is a door and beyond that is a hallway that leads to the left and a staircase on the right that goes up. Across the hall and a bit to the left is another staircase going down.

The Benders crossed the hall and went down the stairs. The stores of flagstone gave way to a wide, natural cavern. The ceiling had dozens of stalactites and the floor rose unevenly with loose rocks and stalagmites. The rocks and debris were thicker to the east and west where only narrow paths made their way around the debris.

Shadowkeep lvl1

;;; Please update your marching order, especially in the case of 10 foot wide passages.

Chief R5

The chief didn’t hesitate for a second when he saw his guards annihilated. He took off running back into the room where he had come from, away from the Benders.

The remaining guard was not in a position to do the same thing. He was trapped and decided to make a desperate attack against Ice in an attempt to clear a path. His desperate slash was blocked by Ice’s shield.

Chief r5

Ice parried the guard’s blow and followed up quick a quick downward slash. (ATK: 23, DMG: 8) The blade once again found its target. Given the number of Benders up against the guard, Ice felt almost sorry for the poor guy. (He was just doing his job, after all.) The guard looked that much more frantic after being further injured.

Mark lines up on the remaining guard, thinking that someday he’ll be able to enjoy a good beer again with his friends if he ever gets out of this, he let’s fly (CRIT hit and subsequent dam roll for a total of 14 damage). The crossbow bolt entered the goblin’s head at the temple and almost made it all the way through the skull. As it was, it looked like the goblin was doing a Steve Martin impression.

Steve martin arrow

The goblin felt the two ends of the arrow in horror before collapsing to the ground.

The rest of the Benders chased forward after the chief. The door to the south that they passed appeared to have a couple of cots in it and no goblins visible. Entering the double doors at the end of the hallway, the Benders walk into a large room. On the north wall are a couple of beds and a desk. Most of the south wall is divided from the rest of the room by a tattered tapestry that creates a private space within the large room.

CB pulled the tapestry to the side so that there was an opening for Ice who was ready with his sword. The tapestry enclosed a small area, about 10′ × 20′, which held a small bed and a small chest. There was no sign of the chief.

And then, everyone who was still able to, ran forward into the next room, Johne in the lead.

The two other rooms in the area, where the swarm of goblins came from, were uninteresting. One was a small barracks with a couple of cots and the other was a storage room that held items not fit for consumption by humans from the 21st century.

With everything seemingly in the clear, the knight went up to the chest, did a quick check to see if anything looked out of the ordinary, and attempted to open the lid… using his longsword as a makeshift crowbar, of course.

With a bit of prying, Ice is able to tear the lid of the chest open to reveal a schload of gold pieces (560 after someone takes the time to count) and a medallion.

Mark starts to check around the room for a secret way out for the chief, thinking there is NO way that fat fraker just up and poofed away. After a bit of looking he finds a secret door on the south wall next to the mangled remains of the chest.

Overall map

Behind the door is a staircase leading down.

O2 – Def 17

Chief R4

The goblin chief took a step back as he saw the flames take down his guards. With them out of the way, he fired a bolt at JohnM (-5 hp). The remaining goblins filled the gaps that had been created but none of them were able to hit the Benders.

Chief r4

Ice tried his best in channelling all the rage and frustration of the schoolyard bullies of his youth and went straight for the goblin (G7) he was currently busy with… (STR Check: 26). Ice bashed the goblin with his shield sending the poor guy tumbling over the table.

Linora moved past Mark to fill the void left by Ice. She used her three-sectioned staff to cave in a goblin’s skull (P12).

Mark works his way to right behind Bex and takes a shot at P11 hitting it (18) for 9 damage. He thinks either he’s getting good with this weapon, or he’s channeling Bruce Willis with all these hits of late. Yippee kye yay, the goblin died.

JohnE smiles at the Goblin in front of him and wiggles his fingers and then kicks him in the junk, Attk:24 Dmg:10. The goblin’s eyes crossed and he crumpled to the ground with broken junk, thankful that he was dead.

CB used the last charge of the day of her concussion ring on the chief and even though he didn’t seem as affected as he should be, it still made him wince (7 hp).

JohnM was bound and determined to skewer the goblin in front of him with his scimitar. But the gore all over the flagstones and the charred bodies laying all over were not something he had ever had to deal with. As he shouted and lunged forward to kill the ugly monster, his foot slipped out from under him. If he hadn’t been in the process of swinging his sword he probably could have recovered. But the impact of the scimitar on the wall and the ensuing shower of sparks jolted him sideways. The flailing was anything but graceful and he ended up on his back looking up at the amused face of a goblin with a pointy stick. Not good.

Seeing JohnM’s epic fumble, Bex decides to target P8… he fires twice with his Glock. The first shot goes wide, but the second hits solidly (att:18, dam: 7) leaving a tunnel through the goblin’s head.

;;; New post in just a few minutes.

Pink: Def 16
Green: Def 17
Orange: Def 17


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