Insectile R6


Thinking ant kabob’s are fun, Mark shifts his aim to the one in front of JohnM and let’s fly! Ant kabob #2! (10 dam). Mama was still alive but she wasn’t looking so good, if a cross between a bug and a lizard could have even looked good in the beginning.

The knight, hoping to end the fight soon, makes a quick, precise thrust at the bug-thing, and the blade scores a penetrating hit once again (atk: 17, dmg: 7).

JohnE waves his fist menacingly at the nasty bug, “Grrrrr!” The bug falls dead. Ice’s sword did the job but the timing was such that it looked like the bug died of fright from JohnE’s fist.

Linora turned to see how the other half was doing with Mama.


Apparently the force was strong with JohnM (for the moment). Having dodged aside from the floundering mama’s attempt to snap him in half, he plunged in again with his (now favorite) scimitar. Striking solidly to the thorax of the thing this time (2 crit rolls for a total of 14hp) he opened up a big gash in her(?) exoskeleton, pretty much cutting her(?) in half.

CB planted her staff on the ground and rested on it, feeling tired even though she hadn’t had to do anything except be ready.

Rigel came trotting around the corner, having made it through the maze to where JohnM was.

;;; Moving along daily (on week days).

;;; What’s the plan? Hold up in the hive for a night?


can i hit anything from here? I’m guessing since I’m behind in melee I’m kind of useless except for spells… but I need to keep those for the big fight.

I hate the idea of camping for the night down here… but the insectile room would probably be a safe place away from orcs.

Insectile R6

…and the bugs would make for an excellent source of quick and easy (once they’re dead) protein. :D

Insectile R6

I agree with Bex. As much as we want this finished quickly, I’m almost tapped out. I’ve been holding onto one or two things for the big fight but it would be nice to have a fuller arsenal.

Insectile R6

And I just realized that my second hit last round was an 18 and so also a crit (with my scimitar). >.< I could have done even more damage!! grrrr

Insectile R6

how we doing for health? if healthy, press on!

Insectile R6

Bex and Ice are hurting and Linora is out of healing spells for the day.

Insectile R6

Hurting? I think Bex and Ice are just a couple of hits away from critical existence failure…

Anyone here played Fallout? ;)

Insectile R6

let’s break out the coleman and the s’mores!

Insectile R6

Yeah. At least with Rigel around we have better Alertness sensors for both him and me. But it would probably be smart to try and obstruct the crawly holes to some degree at least in case the whole family wasn’t home when we knocked.

Insectile R6

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