Insectile R5

Insectile r5

Mark lines up another shot on #5 and hits the little bugger for 6 points of damage! Bugger kabob! The bolt pinned the insectile to the floor making it look like Mark was starting a bug collection.

Ice brings his sword down in an almost unavoidable slash. Too bad for the bug in front of him, since ‘almost’ was apparently not in its theoretical vocabulary. (atk: 25, dmg: 7)

JohnE stepped forward and gave the bug attacking Ice a quick boot to the ribs? Well, where ribs might be on something with a skeleton. (-5 hp).

JohnE’s move allowed Linora to step up and use her three-section staff to clobber the bug on top of the head (-6 hp).

Bex has his machete at the ready, but the other Benders seem to be cock-blocking him so he doesn’t get a chance to swing it. He can’t imagine why…

JohnM slashed at the mama insectile again. Did you ever have the moment when all the piece of something line up and it’s like failure isn’t part of the universe? That’s how he felt as he swung his scimitar. He connected in a powerful stroke (critical with a second hit) and hacked clean through one of the creature’s attacking legs (7+4 = 11HP). He thought, “maybe I’ll get the hang of this sword thing after all.” And then he gave a little mental whistle to make sure Rigel knew where to find them.

CB glanced at Bex and shrugged. Looked like things were being handled. She turned back to watch what Mama did to JohnM.

Ice blocked another attempt to bite his leg with his shield. Mama tried to lunge forward for another taste but didn’t compensate for her missing leg and nearly smacked into the wall.

;;; New post momentarily.

G3 & G5: 15
O8: 16


BTW JohnE is in China for a week so I doubt he’ll be posting.

Insectile R5

Roger that.

Insectile R5

Waiting for Ice before I make a move for JohnE.

Insectile R5

Internet died yesterday. Luckily my revive spell worked on it. :D

Insectile R5

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