Insectile R4

Insectile 004

(Well, that’s a blurry pic but you get the idea.)

the near miss on Mark rattles his cage as he misses his next shot, sending the bolt caroming down the tunnel only hitting walls

A heavy slash from Ice’s longsword connects and scores a heavy blow (#3 bug, atk: 18, dmg:9) killing the bug.

JohnE reaches down and trys to strangled G3 to death, but can’t seem to catch the little fucker.

Linora watched for another bug to come out of the hole.

Bex checked on Ice but seeing that under countrol, he watched the mama bug.

JohnM didn’t like the looks of mama one bit. He knew it was really important to make sure she wasn’t around long enough to do lasting damage. So he just started slashing at the thing hoping to get lucky. (7+3+4+2=16 [3 action points]) It wasn’t pretty but he managed to connect (-4 HP).

CB looked in both directions to see who needed the most help. The meat shields looked to have things under control. She considered using her concussion magic but thought it would be a waste if the warriors could take over the new front.


Next post momentarily.


move for BEX and JohnM and move on…..

Insectile R4

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