Insectile R3

Insectile 003

mark quickly takes another shot, but misses the skittering insectile to his dismay.

Ice turns around and attacks the insect-thing (#4) closest to Linora. His strike penetrates the chitin armor of the beast and exposes some icky bug ichor within (12 dmg) decapitating the creature. “What I would give now for a giant can of Raid,” he mumbles, almost sick.

“How many times do I have to kick these things in the head to kill them?” JohnE growls as he wollops the bug(G4)in the side of the head with his foot(Attk:20, Dmg:10). The bug’s head flew back and smacked hard against the wall. Its body wandered around a little bit confused before collapsing.

With the ankle-biter dead, Linora switched positions with JohnM so that she was able to put her hands on Bex, healing him a bit (+8 hp).

Bex appears enraged by the sudden appearance of the new ancle biters… YOU SILENT MOTHERFUCKERS!!!” he screams as he draws his machete… missing predictably…

Seeing how beat up, Bex was looking, JohnM grabbed the back of his cloak to pull him into the middle of the group and took his place on the line. (The fact that he wouldn’t now be swinging that machete had nothing to do with it. Really.) Drawing his scimitar again, he slashed at the bug now in front of him (attack 11+1+4=16 with 2 action points) splitting the exoskeleton open (-3HP) which was enough for it to drop to the floor unmoving.

CB held her quarterstaff ready so she could tag-team with anyone that needed it.

The bug attacking Ice made it past the shield this time and latched its mandibles around the warriors calf (-7 hp). The one attacking Mark snapped close on air as Mark jumped out of the way. Mama bug came after JohnM. She didn’t look happy about the shaman cracking one of her kids open like a walnut, if bugs had emotions and could project them. She lunged, he dodged, and the end result was a slash on his thigh (-5 hp). She was off-target but one of the mandibles cut his leg up as it closed on the air instead of his leg.

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JohnE, just double-checking that you are kicking the bug in front of Ice?

Insectile R3

I thought the one in front of me was dead( Just noticed the two different #4’s. So I will change mine to the one in front of me G4

Insectile R3

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