Insectile R2

Insectile 002

Mark takes a shot at G5 and hits the bugger for 4 points of damage.

The closest bug-thing (G3) dodges Ice’s slash.

JohnE give G4 a swift kick to the head(Attk:21 Dmg9)

Linora tried to use her staff but she hit the wall instead of the bug.

Bex was a little freaked at the sudden appearance of a plethora of vermin nipping at his heels from behind, so he fans out his fingers and hits them all with Burning Hands (12pt, reflex save for 1/2). The flames crisped up all the critters except the one attacking Mark. That one was burned by the flames but was still alive and fighting.

JohnM stepped up by Linora and cut the insectile in half with his scimitar.

CB moved up behind Mark where she might be able to lend some help if things don’t look to be going well. She was sure the tanks at the other end could hold their own against bugs.

One of the bugs tried to go low under Ice’s shield but its bite snapped shut a couple of inches from Ice’s leg. JohnE turned to say something witty about the close call, over-estimating his dodging ability, and was bit hard in the thigh (-10 hp). Another bug popped out of the hole at Linora’s feet and bit her other ankle (-4 hp). She said something in a language the Benders didn’t understand but it probably wasn’t very sisterly after being bitten on both ankles.

Two more bugs ran out of holes on the BexMark flank with one of the little yippers zipping right up to Bex and biting his leg (-4 hp: “Danger Will Robinson”). Behind the little guy was the mother or father or mother father.

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Insectile R2

I think JohnM is out of town still for a conference, so maybe move for him?

Insectile R2

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