Excavation R1

The voices are coming from a large room that is being excavated. It appears that a couple of goblins are arguing about something.

mark moves up to the intersection of the two planks to the NE and lets fly at G7, hitting it for 2points of damage (I f’n burned 2 AP’s for 2 points of damage? CRIPES!)

Ice decided then and there to leap into the pit. He jumps, then roars… but his foot get caught on a stray rock at the last second, and he lands with all the grace of a fish out of water. The belly flop into the empty pool caused 4hp damage.

A dead fish at that. A dead fish with a new viewpoint of the room and not a pleasant viewpoint either. Wiping the dirt out of his eyes, Ice could another goblin and something else behind the small plateau directly north of the plateau with the rest of the Benders. That something else was a lizard(?) about 2 feet tall. It stood taller than a lizard and didn’t have a tail and seemed more muscular than any lizard Ice had ever seen. When he squinted trying to figure out what in the hell this thing was, it looked more like a pit bull than a lizard. A pit bull with scales. The mad scientist in this place seemed to have a fetish for crossbreeding things with lizards. The pit lizard bared its teeth and drooled when it saw Ice.

Linora moved up to the north edge of this plateau (I’ll have the map grids labeled in the next pic) and fired a bolt at G7 to help cover for Ice who was now laying in the dirt about 10 feet away from the goblin.


JohnM seems to have more issues with the crossbow than he had with his scimitar, but he managed to wing the goblin in the foreground (burned 3 action points, -5hp). After letting fly, he moved towards the next raised platform to the East (5 spaces puts me in the middle of the plank between the two).


Goblins (Def 16)

While he really wants to charge, JohnE goes with the game plan and plugs the little shits eye(G7) with a crossbow bolt. (Attk:24 Dmg:6)

Excavation r1

Room Description – The lighter-colored areas are the remains of the original floor. Most of the room has been dug up and the tan areas are 10 to 15 feet below the level of the original floor. The brown connectors between the original sections of floor are wooden planks that are about a foot wide.


The Benders moved into the hive cavern. There was a pile of garbage in the corner. After poking it with swords and sticks to make sure it wasn’t a nest with something sleeping inside of it, the Benders used the material to block up the holes as best they could. While doing this, they found a small bag that was still in decent condition. Inside was 12 gold pieces and two small vials, which Linora identified as healing potions (1 dose each).

They took turns keeping guard while the others tried to catch some sleep. Either they were lucky or everything else in this place knew well enough not to wander into the insectile area because nothing disturbed their rotating rest.

Sister Linora made her morning rounds and did a fairly good job of getting the Benders back into fighting shape while keeping a couple of spells in reserve for what the day would bring.

The Benders walked back through the natural caverns, watching for the traps, and went back upstairs. From the right, they could hear voices.

Current map

Insectile R6


Thinking ant kabob’s are fun, Mark shifts his aim to the one in front of JohnM and let’s fly! Ant kabob #2! (10 dam). Mama was still alive but she wasn’t looking so good, if a cross between a bug and a lizard could have even looked good in the beginning.

The knight, hoping to end the fight soon, makes a quick, precise thrust at the bug-thing, and the blade scores a penetrating hit once again (atk: 17, dmg: 7).

JohnE waves his fist menacingly at the nasty bug, “Grrrrr!” The bug falls dead. Ice’s sword did the job but the timing was such that it looked like the bug died of fright from JohnE’s fist.

Linora turned to see how the other half was doing with Mama.


Apparently the force was strong with JohnM (for the moment). Having dodged aside from the floundering mama’s attempt to snap him in half, he plunged in again with his (now favorite) scimitar. Striking solidly to the thorax of the thing this time (2 crit rolls for a total of 14hp) he opened up a big gash in her(?) exoskeleton, pretty much cutting her(?) in half.

CB planted her staff on the ground and rested on it, feeling tired even though she hadn’t had to do anything except be ready.

Rigel came trotting around the corner, having made it through the maze to where JohnM was.

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Insectile R5

Insectile r5

Mark lines up another shot on #5 and hits the little bugger for 6 points of damage! Bugger kabob! The bolt pinned the insectile to the floor making it look like Mark was starting a bug collection.

Ice brings his sword down in an almost unavoidable slash. Too bad for the bug in front of him, since ‘almost’ was apparently not in its theoretical vocabulary. (atk: 25, dmg: 7)

JohnE stepped forward and gave the bug attacking Ice a quick boot to the ribs? Well, where ribs might be on something with a skeleton. (-5 hp).

JohnE’s move allowed Linora to step up and use her three-section staff to clobber the bug on top of the head (-6 hp).

Bex has his machete at the ready, but the other Benders seem to be cock-blocking him so he doesn’t get a chance to swing it. He can’t imagine why…

JohnM slashed at the mama insectile again. Did you ever have the moment when all the piece of something line up and it’s like failure isn’t part of the universe? That’s how he felt as he swung his scimitar. He connected in a powerful stroke (critical with a second hit) and hacked clean through one of the creature’s attacking legs (7+4 = 11HP). He thought, “maybe I’ll get the hang of this sword thing after all.” And then he gave a little mental whistle to make sure Rigel knew where to find them.

CB glanced at Bex and shrugged. Looked like things were being handled. She turned back to watch what Mama did to JohnM.

Ice blocked another attempt to bite his leg with his shield. Mama tried to lunge forward for another taste but didn’t compensate for her missing leg and nearly smacked into the wall.

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G3 & G5: 15
O8: 16

Insectile R4

Insectile 004

(Well, that’s a blurry pic but you get the idea.)

the near miss on Mark rattles his cage as he misses his next shot, sending the bolt caroming down the tunnel only hitting walls

A heavy slash from Ice’s longsword connects and scores a heavy blow (#3 bug, atk: 18, dmg:9) killing the bug.

JohnE reaches down and trys to strangled G3 to death, but can’t seem to catch the little fucker.

Linora watched for another bug to come out of the hole.

Bex checked on Ice but seeing that under countrol, he watched the mama bug.

JohnM didn’t like the looks of mama one bit. He knew it was really important to make sure she wasn’t around long enough to do lasting damage. So he just started slashing at the thing hoping to get lucky. (7+3+4+2=16 [3 action points]) It wasn’t pretty but he managed to connect (-4 HP).

CB looked in both directions to see who needed the most help. The meat shields looked to have things under control. She considered using her concussion magic but thought it would be a waste if the warriors could take over the new front.


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Insectile R3

Insectile 003

mark quickly takes another shot, but misses the skittering insectile to his dismay.

Ice turns around and attacks the insect-thing (#4) closest to Linora. His strike penetrates the chitin armor of the beast and exposes some icky bug ichor within (12 dmg) decapitating the creature. “What I would give now for a giant can of Raid,” he mumbles, almost sick.

“How many times do I have to kick these things in the head to kill them?” JohnE growls as he wollops the bug(G4)in the side of the head with his foot(Attk:20, Dmg:10). The bug’s head flew back and smacked hard against the wall. Its body wandered around a little bit confused before collapsing.

With the ankle-biter dead, Linora switched positions with JohnM so that she was able to put her hands on Bex, healing him a bit (+8 hp).

Bex appears enraged by the sudden appearance of the new ancle biters… YOU SILENT MOTHERFUCKERS!!!” he screams as he draws his machete… missing predictably…

Seeing how beat up, Bex was looking, JohnM grabbed the back of his cloak to pull him into the middle of the group and took his place on the line. (The fact that he wouldn’t now be swinging that machete had nothing to do with it. Really.) Drawing his scimitar again, he slashed at the bug now in front of him (attack 11+1+4=16 with 2 action points) splitting the exoskeleton open (-3HP) which was enough for it to drop to the floor unmoving.

CB held her quarterstaff ready so she could tag-team with anyone that needed it.

The bug attacking Ice made it past the shield this time and latched its mandibles around the warriors calf (-7 hp). The one attacking Mark snapped close on air as Mark jumped out of the way. Mama bug came after JohnM. She didn’t look happy about the shaman cracking one of her kids open like a walnut, if bugs had emotions and could project them. She lunged, he dodged, and the end result was a slash on his thigh (-5 hp). She was off-target but one of the mandibles cut his leg up as it closed on the air instead of his leg.

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Insectile R2

Insectile 002

Mark takes a shot at G5 and hits the bugger for 4 points of damage.

The closest bug-thing (G3) dodges Ice’s slash.

JohnE give G4 a swift kick to the head(Attk:21 Dmg9)

Linora tried to use her staff but she hit the wall instead of the bug.

Bex was a little freaked at the sudden appearance of a plethora of vermin nipping at his heels from behind, so he fans out his fingers and hits them all with Burning Hands (12pt, reflex save for 1/2). The flames crisped up all the critters except the one attacking Mark. That one was burned by the flames but was still alive and fighting.

JohnM stepped up by Linora and cut the insectile in half with his scimitar.

CB moved up behind Mark where she might be able to lend some help if things don’t look to be going well. She was sure the tanks at the other end could hold their own against bugs.

One of the bugs tried to go low under Ice’s shield but its bite snapped shut a couple of inches from Ice’s leg. JohnE turned to say something witty about the close call, over-estimating his dodging ability, and was bit hard in the thigh (-10 hp). Another bug popped out of the hole at Linora’s feet and bit her other ankle (-4 hp). She said something in a language the Benders didn’t understand but it probably wasn’t very sisterly after being bitten on both ankles.

Two more bugs ran out of holes on the BexMark flank with one of the little yippers zipping right up to Bex and biting his leg (-4 hp: “Danger Will Robinson”). Behind the little guy was the mother or father or mother father.

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Avoid the Nest

Ice started across the room and almost stepped onto one of the fake floor coverings. Right before he put his foot down, he realized what he was doing and hopped to the side, effectively alerting everyone to the presence of the trap. On the other side of the room, the passageway went south and then turned east. There were more small holes in the walls along the north side of the passageway.

Ice guided the group around another trap where the passage turned to the north. After another 15 or 20 feet, the passageway dumped out into a large room with about a dozen insectiles of various sizes skittering about.

Mark encourages the party to slowly back way from the nest, “knowing” from Entomology in 4H that ants have no hearing he can encourage his friends verbally, “uh, guys, let’s slowly with as little vibration as possible back our asses out of this place” He has no desire to re-enact Starship Troopers!

Ice nodded and followed Mark’s advice by signaling the rest to keep noise and movement to a minimum while backing out.

Insectile 001

Two of the insectiles rushed down the hall after the Benders and attacked the warriors with their front two legs, which resembled scythes. Both of the creatures were able slice past defenses (-7 hp for Ice, -3 hp for JohnE).

Linora wasn’t able to do much from her position.

Bex backed up to make room for others to move, if necessary.

Amidst the jostling and swinging, JohnM steadies his crossbow and lets fly at one of the insectiles (G3). The bolt finds a joint in the armored carapace and buries its steel head deep in the ugly thing (-8HP crit – no second hit).

CB readied her staff but there was nothing to do but watch the guys at the front for the moment.

Insectiles came zipping out of the small holes in the walls. One came out at Linora’s feet at bit her ankle (-4 HP). Four others came out of holes behind the Benders, two of them attacking the rear flank but both missed.

JohnE kicks a bug in the head hoping the his finely tuned and weaponized toes tear the fucking head off of one of the bugs (Attk:13+AP:5=18, Dmg:5). Sadly, the bugs head stays attached to its body.

Insectile defense varies by size:
6 Small – Def 14
3 Medium – Def 15
1 Large – Def 16

;;; It’s a long story so here’s the short version: Mark blackmailed me into not only getting the game going but also in setting a crazy pace where inertia will just carry the game forward. So, new picture and post momentarily.

Inseptile? Repsect?

The Benders are able to put distance between them and the pink slime. Ice takes them back to the T intersection and goes down the other branch. The passage goes about 100 feet and looks to open into a room. However, Ice stops before entering the room. Just ahead of him is a 5 × 5 × 10 pit, which looks to have been roughly dug to block part of the passageway. At the bottom of the pit are pieces of what may have been a thin flagstone to cover the pit. Pieces of the flagstone are resting on and around the unmoving body of some kind of lizard which looks to have six legs.

Kitty corner from the Benders, there is an exit from the cavern which continues to the south.

“Hmmm, heya, Bex, JohnE?” Ice turned to his friends. “Any idea what that thing is? Perhaps you guys came across some book on local fauna sometime back?” The knight then peered more closely at the lizard-thing, being careful not to fall into the pit.

“I may be able to make it across, given a running start. What do you guys think? Some rope would be handy as well.”

;;; Correction: 5 × 5 × 10 feet deep. That leaves room around the edges to walk around.

“Ummm, maybe we should leave those holes alone. I wouldn’t want to think of what other nasties this place is hiding…” Ice said.

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Slime Time

At JohnM’s prompting, Ice took the left route. A massive cave-in had occurred in the past but someone had cleared a path toward the east. The Bender’s had to move single file to walk along the path but it widened back out after 10 or 15 feet. The cavern went back to the south opening up into a rather large area that seemed empty at first but then the group saw motion directly south of them and really not that far away, maybe 15 feet from Ice. Oozing its way around stalagmites and sometimes dividing itself around a stalagmite and then coming back together was thick pool of red slime.

“Huh?” was all Ice could say as he saw what can only be described as ‘evil strawberry Jell-O’. Rolling his eyes, the knight unceremoniously dumped Splug onto the floor, drew his sword and moved towards the murderous dessert. The knight’s sword slashed downwards, but the blow was easily dodged by the slime-thing.

“Great,” Ice muttered. "Looks like I’m in for more trouble again… "

Bex was a little perturbed by slime that could dodge such a well-placed hit… so he decided to see what a Ray Of Frost could do to it. A whopping one point of damage, woo hoo!

JohnM took a step back yelling, "Run away!” He was thinking the group was going to need their firepower for the necro dude intent on ruling this plane.

Linora backed up with JohnM. “My spells are meant for creatures with arms and legs,” she said in explanation. She was ready with her staff but seemed to shake her head after watching the slime split apart to avoid the knight’s sword.

The Pink Slime (Def 18) seemed to gather in on itself before exploding toward Ice. The slime was completely deflected upward, splattering in a shower, which came back together once the globs of slime were back on the ground.

JohnE says, “Fuck this! I’m getting the hell outta here.” If Splug is not up and moving, he grabs him by the back of the neck and runs for the East(Can always throw him at the slime to slow it down if it comes to that..Assuming of course that there is an east to run for?

;;; The slime was in a dead end so you can retreat.

CB wasn’t going to argue with anyone on the point and backed away from the cavern.

Mark does his best French impression and runs away.

;;; Roll initiative to be stored for next encounter.

;;; PPD Thursday 5/17/12 @ 7am MST


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